Safety Canary

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Wonderfalls, 'Safety Canary' Jaye and Eric, now officially dating delve a little deeper into thier relationships. But Jaye, under the influence of the talking things that don't talk, snaps a photo of 2 birds which sets in motion a bird napping, a brother and best friend challenging, Jaye questioning her relationship with Eric and a zoologist and janitor's relationship.

Script: 1AHM06-SafetyCanary.pdf

Guest Cast: Toby Malone (Muse), Kari Matchett (Beth), Wynne Pon (Asian Tourist #1), Jeffrey R. Smith (Muse), Peter Yip (Asian Tourist #2), Fred Lee (Asian Tourist #3), Gabriel Hogan (Thomas), Kellie Waymire (Penelope), Jewel Staite (Heidi Gotts), Dov Tiefenbach (Rufus), Jeff Clarke (Savage), Ted Dykstra (Muse)

Written by: Liz W. Garcia & Alexander Woo   ·   Directed by: Peter Lauer

Final Ratings: - / - in households   ·   - million viewers   ·   - / - among adults 18-49

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