#Lying Pig

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Wonderfalls, 'Lying Pig' Heidi, Eric's wife, shows up and wreaks havok on he and Jaye's relationship. Meanwhile, fed up with the things that don't talk, Jaye convinces her brother to take all the talking animals from her. Jaye's mom goes out on a date and everything comes to a head.

Script: 1AHM07-LyingPig.pdf

Guest Cast: Jeffrey R. Smith (Muse), Lisa Messinger (Mother in Commercial), Harry Kohn (Patient in Bed), Quancetia Hamilton (Minister), Ted Dykstra (Muse), Morgan Drmaj (Bellman), Jewel Staite (Heidi Gotts), Mark Aiken (Dr. Frank Chambers)

Written by: Krista Vernoff & Abby Gewanter   ·   Directed by: Peter O'Fallon

Final Ratings: - / - in households   ·   - million viewers   ·   - / - among adults 18-49

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