Original Airdate (WB): 19-JUL-2000


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Fade into Will riding his bike to a baseball field.

WILL (VoiceOver): Time - it's not really on my side these days, the moments just seem to fly by on this incredible journey. So while trying to tie it all together and make it work, I'm terminally, well, late.

Runs up to Sean.

SEAN: Hey, Sundance.

WILL: Whats up Butch?

SEAN: Where you been all week? Thought you went off to Mexico without me.

WILL: Butch and Sundance went to Bolivia, not Mexico.

SEAN: Hey, we miss you at Brian's, where you been?

WILL: Nowhere.

Sean and Will start playing Baseball on the field. After they've finished the game they just yell.

SEAN: Two games away from the playoffs. Get psyched!

WILL: Dude, it's ours. I'll see you later. (starts to walk off)

SEAN: Hey, where you going? We're going for pizzas then the lake, come on.

WILL: Oh yeah, I can't, I got something to do at the house.

SEAN: Man, you've been hiding for days. What's going on? I've been calling you, stopping by..

WILL: I gotta go, I'll talk to you later, I promise.

Will leaves on his bike, cycling through Rawley to the lake for Crew Practice.

WILL: Had some stuff to finish up at the dorms.

FINN: Krudski, this school - exceptional, the opportunity to go here, unparalleled, showing up late speaks to a lack of commitment. Remember, you're here because you're exceptional, but next time you're late, you're off the team.

Will looks down, kicks his shoes off and jumps into the lake swimming to the boat.

FINN: Well done, Mr. Krudski. Well done.

Opening Credits

Camera pans over lake, New Rawley, down the highway leading into town, down New Rawley streets. Cut to Will and Scout walking.

SCOUT: So, it's simple, Bella and I are going to be friends, good friends.

WILL: Is it going to weird between you two?

SCOUT: I hope not because I really like her, I mean, as a friend.

WILL: That's good, you know since dating your sister isn't socially acceptable.

SCOUT: Yeah, I already had that conversation with her father.

WILL: Have you told your dad?

SCOUT: What exactly am I going to say? Dad, I met this girl, her name is Bella, I fell in love with her and you're her father too.

WILL: Its so Jerry Springer.

SCOUT: Will, listen, please don't repeat this to anyone.

WILL: I won't, believe me. Besides I've already told you my tragic story.

SCOUT: Now you know mine. (Camera cuts to a shot of Bella) and there she is. (Camera shows shots of Bella pumping gas).

WILL: Look, I better get to work.

Bella looks over and sees Scout and waves.

Scout: Hey. (Bella waves) See you.

He looks in the direction of Friendly's and sees the help wanted sign. Camera cuts between Scout applying for the job, Scout looking out the window watching Bella and Bella looking at him.

Cut to shot of Bella working on her truck. Scout walks over.



SCOUT: Is your dad going to freak if I'm here?

BELLA: Not if you help me fix this truck. Here, put your hand on the manifold for me.

SCOUT: Does it bite?

BELLA: No.... Right there. You know, Scout, my dad's okay with us being friends. All right, he will be. He just needs a little time to figure everything out, you know.

SCOUT: I need time, I need like a million years.


Will runs over.

WILL: Hey working man.

SCOUT: I got the job?


WILL: At the diner.

SCOUT: That's great.

BELLA: Never seen someone so excited about minimum wage.

SCOUT: What? I promised my father I'd get a summer job. It's character building.

WILL: That's funny. That never occurred to us poor kids.

BELLA: Uh huh.

WILL: Come on, you start now. At the lunch rush and you're late. (Will runs off - Scout looks after him, Bella looks at Scout.)

BELLA: Someone's got to feed the messes.

Scout leaves Bella working on the truck to go to the diner.

Cut to Jake in bed, with bra showing. Waking up, she looks around her room. She looks in mirror, messes her hair and shakes her head in disbelief.

JAKE: God, where's the pink of it all?

She's goes over to her desk to start writing a letter. Montage of shots showing her getting dressed for the day, putting corset on.

JAKE (VoiceOver): Hey mom, just a note to say I'm here. I'm okay, I miss you and guess what, I just might be fitting in. So, I guess that's all. I'll see you when I see ya. Love, Jacqueline.

She puts the letter in a Rawley Boys envelope.

JAKE: Huh, this should tell me if she even reads my letters.

Goes to leave room, with door slightly open, she adjusts her "chest" in the mirror. Hamilton stands at the door and coughs.

JAKE: How long have you been standing there?

HAMILTON: Long enough to know......that I have to make something very clear, cause the other day, when you kissed me, I could have decked you, but I didn't. But if you ever try that again, I will. Because that's not who I think I am, I mean know I am, I mean I know I'm not who you think I am. I'm not. Get it?

JAKE: Excuse me?

HAMILTON: Look, if you're gay, that's whatever, that's fine but it's not my bag.

JAKE: Okay, you said that the other day.

HAMILTON: Yeah well, I just wanted to make it crystal clear.

JAKE:'m going to go and get my bike. So...


JAKE: See ya.

They both leave her room.

Cut to inside the diner. Will pouring a coke, giving it to someone. Scout organizing knife, fork, spoon on a napkin. Will comes in carrying two trays of food.

SCOUT: Oh you know, I've been thinking. We could turn a sweet profit if we put a cappuccino machine, right there.

WILL: Scout, this is Frank. Frank doesn't want a cappuccino. He wants a burger.

FRANK: Badly

WILL: This burger. (hands Scout a plate with a burger on it)

SCOUT: Oh right. (hands Frank the above burger)

Bella walks in and sits at the counter.

BELLA: Oh look, Scout Calhoun's poor twin.

WILL: He's, uh, building character.

BELLA: I can see that, and I'm sure it'll look good on the press release for the future presidential campaign. So, uh, Mr. President? I'd love a coke to go.

SCOUT: Oh right. (goes over to coke machine, starts pouring coke. Forgets to switch off the machine when done)

BELLA: So, Scout, an official townie now huh?


BELLA: Well, does that mean you're going to take in Sean's party tomorrow night.

Will looks at Bella then Scout.

SCOUT: Party?

Bella: Yeah

Will: (nodding his head) Yeah, Sure.

SCOUT: You know, I've been watching you, I mean, watching you work at the gas station. Have you considered the positioning of your sign? or maybe even a bigger sign to help maximize clientele?

BELLA: You ever thought about turning off the coke machine to minimize spillage?

Scout looks at coke machine and runs over.

SCOUT: Oh damn, I thought these things turned off by themselves. (Runs to get a cloth to clean it up.)

BELLA: I'll see you at the party Scout.

SCOUT: Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, no tip?

BELLA: Yeah, try conquering one industry at a time. (He smiles, she leaves.)

Cut to Will riding his bike down main Street. Runs into his mom.

MRS KRUDSKI: Hey handsome.

WILL: Hey Mom.

MRS KRUDSKI: How's the air up there at Rawley?

WILL: It's okay.

MRS KRUDSKI: Sean keeps coming by the house. You talked to him yet?

WILL: Yeah, yesterday at practice.

MRS KRUDSKI: Will, when are you going to tell him you go to Rawley?

WILL: (whines) Mo-om.

MRS KRUDSKI: I'm sure he'd be happy for you. I'm sure everyone would be proud.

WILL: Mom, its not just about that. It's only a summer session, I could be right back at Edmond High in the fall. I don't know how long it's going to be before I totally screw this up or something.

MRS KRUDSKI: You're not going to screw it up.

WILL: But--

MRS KRUDSKI: Hey, I get it. I gotta go make people look beautiful. I'll see you later baby.

WILL: Bye.

Cut to Jake running down the stairs of Rawley Academy looking for Hamilton. Finds him, goes over to him.

JAKE: Hey, my bike is gone.

HAMILTON: Well, where'd you leave it?

JAKE: In that perfect hiding spot that you showed me.

HAMILTON: I didn't take it.

JAKE: Well then who did?

HAMILTON: Oh no, the groundskeeper probably confiscated it.

JAKE: Oh god, you know I'm not even supposed to have that thing here. Now what do I do?

HAMILTON: What are you asking me for?

JAKE: God, sorry. (Gets up to leave)

HAMILTON: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. We can probably figure this out. Meet me at the main staircase tomorrow night after dinner.

JAKE: Thanks. (She leaves)

Cut to lake. Crew team practise. Cut to Will on docks. Then to Sean by a tree. Will spots Sean and walks over to him.

SEAN: Will, what are you doing here?

WILL: I, uh...

SEAN: Going to Rawley. Yeah, saw you rowing across the lake. Since when?

WILL: Since I got a scholarship.

SEAN: Why didn't you tell me?

WILL: Look, I was going to but...

SEAN: We're not good enough for you now?


SEAN: I can't believe you lied.

WILL: I didn't, look I was going to tell you--

SEAN: When? Graduation? Oh, God, this really sucks man.

FINN: Krudski! Your turn to stow the shells. 100% commitment.

WILL: (to Finn) Be right there. (to Sean) Look, I better go, We'll talk later, I'll explain everything.

SEAN: Go, I wouldn't want to screw up your commitment.

Will turns to leave, but turns back. WILL: I'm real sorry man.

Camera goes over New Rawley, through the town to the diner. Camera shows Scout cleaning up, staring at Bella working. Sees her talking to Sean.

SCOUT: (after realizing his hand is in gum) Eww, gross. (Sean enters - he goes over to their table) So, ah, what can I get you?

SEAN: You new here?

SCOUT: Yeah, I go to Rawley.

SEAN: So, what are you doing here? Community Service for stealing your dad's Ferrari?

SCOUT: You need menus or you just come to brighten my day?

SEAN: We've been coming here all our lives, Skippy.

SCOUT: Then I guess you know what you want.

SEAN: Four Hamburgers, Four Cokes.

SCOUT: Coming right up.

Cut to Will going down Main Street on his bike, knocks into Finn, drops his baseball glove.

WILL: Hey Finn.

FINN: Hold up Mercury. You playing baseball Mr Krudski?

WILL: Yeah, New Rawley Summer League. I've been playing since I was like, 8.

FINN: So was that a team mate who showed up at crew the other day?

WILL: Sean. My best friend. Has been for like ever.

FINN: He seemed upset.

WILL: He was. I didn't tell him I was going to Rawley.

FINN: Your best friend?

WILL: I don't know, I guess I was just waiting for a right time, and it just happened and then it all just got, never mind. Hopefully, it'll blow over though. Well I better be going.

FINN: Good luck.

WILL: Thanks, you know we could win it all this year.

FINN: I meant, with your friend. Carry on Atlas.

WILL: Hey, come see up win this Saturday. Sherman Park.

Will rides off to practice at the field.

SEAN: Polo match run late?

WILL: Practice is over?

SEAN: Yup.

WILL: Sorry man, I was at the diner, working.

SEAN: Good to see you keeping in touch with the little people. Or is that what your doing now?

WILL: Funny, so tonight. Looking forward to your big bash?

SEAN: Remember where I live or you want me to draw a map?

WILL: Funny again, You taking this act on the road?

SEAN: See you later . (LEAVES)

Cut to Sean's party. Scout and Will are walking up to the house.

SCOUT: So, is this one of those all-nighters?

WILL: Could be.

SCOUT: Woah.

They laugh

PARTY-GOER: Krudski! What's up?

WILL: Hey, What's up?

SCOUT: So, I finally get to meet the friends.

WILL: Yeah, finally.

SCOUT: Uh oh, what am I? The token Rawley geek? (spies Bella through Window)

WILL: Now you know how I feel everyday at school...Come on, lets go.

SCOUT: Ahhh, I'll be inside.

WILL: Cool.

SCOUT: All right, see you in a little bit.

WILL: See you in a little bit. *Walks over to Sean and Luke*

LUKE: What's up Krudski?

SEAN: Didn't know if they'd let you out to party with the locals.

WILL: All right, enough.

SEAN: I haven't been the one avoiding you.

WILL: Okay, I get it. All right, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you. It was stupid.

SEAN: It's cool, whatever man. I'm over it.

WILL: Good.

Sean spies Scout in the house talking to Bella

SEAN: Did you bring him?

WILL: Yeah, he's my roommate.

SEAN: And now he's slumming it with the townie chicks.

WILL: Give the guy a break. He's actually pretty cool. I thought you're beef was with me.

SEAN: Hey, I don't have a problem with anybody.

WILL: Great

LUKE: I got a problem with you Krudski, You're getting soft.

They laugh. Through the window we hear:

SCOUT: (to Bella) I'm really glad to see you hear. Didn't think you'd be here.

Cut to Hamilton waiting by the main stairs for Jake.

Jake comes down wearing leather outfit, putting on gloves.

HAMILTON: We're recovering your motorcycle, not lifting the Mona Lisa. Come on. (They walk down the hallways to the groundskeeper office) I know the groundskeeper has it. I used to come down here and steal the lawnmowers, ride them around the lake.

JAKE: High times at Rawley. Didn't know I was a partner with a juvenile delinquent.

HAMILTON: You should talk. (They enter the groundskeeper office). Stay quiet.

JAKE: There it is. (They walk to bike, light goes on and they duck down). Great. Now what, we're stuck here?

HAMILTON: No, its 9 o'clock.

JAKE: What, he gets off work?

HAMILTON: No, Felicity comes on. He never misses an episode. He even cries sometimes, I swear. Sshhh. like clockwork, just be real quiet, he won't notice.

GROUNDSKEEPER: What are you doing? God, Ben's in love with you, not her!

Jake and Hamilton start laughing. They leave the room with her motorcycle. Cut back to party.


BELLA: Hi. (uncomfortable silence)

SCOUT: This is fun, being here with you, I mean at the party, you know, like friends.


Girl walks past, looks Scout up and down and smiles.

BELLA: Gina Greer, biggest feet on a girl I've ever seen.

SCOUT: (laughing) I ahh, wanted to talk to you about my dad, I wanted to tell him about you.

BELLA: What, no, Scout. That's crazy (Sean starts watching Bella and Scout's conversation) You know I already have a family, okay, and just because we found each other, I'm not going to completely disregard them and join the Calhoun clan, I'm not going to do that.

SCOUT: Okay, that's not what I'm saying.

BELLA: Then what are you saying?

SCOUT: I'm just saying that...

BELLA: What are you saying?

SCOUT: I'm saying that at some point you're going to have to deal with this.

Sean comes over. Will follows him.


SEAN: Is he bothering you? *pushes Scout away from Bella*

SCOUT: Get offa me.

BELLA: No, Sean its fine. *they start fighting* Will! Look, look, stop it, stop it.

Scout and Sean fighting. Will pushes Sean and Scout away from each other.

WILL: What's your problem?

BELLA: Stop, Scout, Scout, STOP!

WILL: Maybe you should go.

SCOUT: Nice friends you got man, nice friends.

BELLA: Just go okay? Come on.

Sean and Will glare at each other.

LUKE: Hey, Krudski maybe you should go too.

Will leaves the party. Camera shows him sitting outside his house looking at his parents. His dad is watching tv and his mom is brushing a wig. Will leaves. Last shot shows Mrs Krudski looking out the window.

Rawley Academy - outside. Bella brings Scout into his and Wills room.

BELLA: (opening door) He's not here.

SCOUT: He's probably still at the party.

BELLA: No, because when I went back in, Luke had said he had already left. Oh God, Scout. Let me get something.

SCOUT: So, you hang out with this Sean guy?

BELLA: He's a friend, what? you going to tell me who to hang out with now, is that it?

SCOUT: No, no. How good a friend? *Bella pats his lip* OW!

BELLA: Sting? *Scout nods* Good, that's what you get for fighting.

SCOUT: You should see the other guy. *Bella looks at him* You did see the other guy.

BELLA: What is it with guys and fighting anyway? It's like a stigma, I mean, you get hurt, the less you do more damage or something, its ridiculous.

SCOUT: Enough with the "you boys and your violence" thing. He punched me, you know that.

BELLA: Yeah, he did. He over re-acted. I don't know, I think he thought you were hassling me or something.

SCOUT: More like moving in on you.

BELLA: Scout, I've known him since kindergarten. He's a friend. I've seen him in his Aquaman Underoos for gods sakes.

SCOUT: He probably still wears them. (they look longingly at each other) There's better out there, that's all I'm saying.

BELLA: Is it?

SCOUT: (nodding) Yeah. Come on, I'll walk you home. You're not supposed to be here.

BELLA: Please, it's not like its the first time I've been in a guys dorm after hours *he looks at her strangely* Sarcasm, Scout. Look it up.

Cut to Jake and Hamilton walking down the halls with her bike.

JAKE: I really appreciate this, if you got caught, you'd really get into trouble. I mean, your dads the dean.

HAMILTON: Yeah, perpetually. From the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep.

JAKE: Yeah, I heard that. My mom's got her cellphone surgically implanted. *in common room, with bike* Oh, you know you said before me being you know gay, I'm not, that I promise you. I just had a sketchy moment, but its over. I'm just saying you don't have to feel weird around me.

HAMILTON: Well, I do. I'm trying not to.

JAKE: *laughing* I can't believe we pulled this off. Thank God for the freight elevator.

HAMILTON: Its so Hardy Boys.

JAKE: Yeah, beats Nancy Drew. *they laugh, Hamilton looks at her strange, opens common room doors, they walk outside with the bike*

Cut to the baseball game, will runs in.

WILL: What's this?

SEAN: You're late to every game, you miss practices. Ralph's here, on time every time, covering for you.

WILL: He's an alternate. He knows that

SEAN: Not anymore. Someone else put in, he's 100% committed.

WILL: Wait a minute, is this about...

SEAN: Forget all the other crap, listen, you gave us no choice, you're not here. Sorry, that's it.

UMPIRE: Play Ball!

Will runs of the field as Finn bikes in.

FINN: Hey, where you going? I came to see the game.

WILL: Let me know how it goes.

Will rides off. Finn looks after him.

Cut to Will and Scout's room. Scout's putting stuff in a bag for crew practice?

WILL: Hey, how's your lip?

SCOUT: It's fine. You guys win?

WILL: Wouldn't know, Sean replaced me.

SCOUT: So lame. What's wrong with that guy?

WILL: Nothings wrong with him, he had to make a choice.

SCOUT: If he was your friend, he would have made a choice to support you.

WILL: I've known you for like two weeks and you're trying to tell me who my friends are. You don't even know him Scout.

SCOUT: All right, that's cool. The guys a loser.

WILL: Hey, he's been my buddy since we were like, 8 years old.

SCOUT: Maybe you should get some new friends.

WILL: And maybe someone should finish what he started.

SCOUT: Oh, and that's going to be you? *he leaves, Will looks away frustrated*

Will's reading in the common room. Finn walks in.

FINN: Quite a contrast to the past weeks frenetic pace.

WILL: Yeah, well, that was then, not so busy now. Had a baseball game but...

FINN: So, no interest in supporting the team?

WILL: They kicked me off, Finn.

FINN: Thought Sean was your best friend?

WILL: He is, he was I mean. This guys known me through the whole mess of growing up, you know, because we did it together. And now its like, I have this whole new life, you know, and I can't figure out how to just make it all work and do the right thing for everybody there and everybody here. It's impossible. I should just ...shut up.

FINN: Why?

WILL: Because it's my life Finn. I don't expect you to understand it.

Cut to Will and Finn riding their bikes out of Rawley Academy.

WILL: Where did you say we were going?

FINN: I didn't.

Finn and Will ride through New Rawley to the outskirts of town. They stop outside a house.

FINN: See that house. Used to be my parents.

WILL: Hahaha, wait a minute. You grew up here? Thought you were like a Rawley guy.

FINN: Not even close. Still have a lot of friends here. Not everyone supported me leaving to teach, bit of Harvard, bright, but I gave them all a chance to accept or reject it by being straight with them. Almost to feel left behind Will.

WILL: I don't want to leave anybody behind.

FINN: Does your friend know that?

WILL: He should.

FINN: Maybe you should tell him.

Finn leaves, Will looks at the house before leaving.

Panning over New Rawley, down streets. The diner. Scout's outside sweeping the pavement. Bella comes over.

BELLA: Everything under control, cowboy?

SCOUT: Course. So, your off work?

BELLA: Yep, musta gassed up half of New Rawley by now.

SCOUT: Whatever happened to those electric cars?

BELLA: Hey, bite your tongue Scout. (they laugh)

SCOUT: So, umm, Will and I went to war over the Sean thing.

BELLA: Yeah, well, you're not the only casualty. You know, Will and Sean haven't talked since the party.

SCOUT: And that's my fault because?

BELLA: No, I'm not saying it is your fault. I'm just saying that Will must be in real conflict.

SCOUT: I don't know, I think he's chosen a side.

BELLA: Scout, you got to understand. We spent our entire lives sharing this town with guys like you who come from a completely different world, and now all of a sudden, Will's thrown into that different world. I'm sure he feels like he doesn't fit in either right now, but I know he's trying Scout. You know he wants to. So I think maybe you could cut him a little slack.

SCOUT: Yeah, I know.

BELLA: Try to understand how hard it must be for Sean, to sit on the other side of the fence and just watch all this.

SCOUT: Yeah, well the jury's still out, alright. But one thing's for sure, he likes you.

BELLA: Oh, Scout.

SCOUT: I got a birds eye view of that, What?

BELLA: Birds eye view huh?

SCOUT: Uh huh.

BELLA: Maybe I should think about building a spy proof wall. *They laugh*

Cut to Common room - they guys are watching wrestling, Jake comes in looking for Hamilton. Finds him and goes over to talk to him.



JAKE: So, who's fighting?

HAMILTON: The Mangler and Rock Hard Richard Baxter.

JAKE: Oh cool, so thanks again for last night. (some other boys give them a funny look) I'm really glad to have my bike back.

HAMILTON: No, no problem.

JAKE: God, it was hilarious bringing that bike through here. (no answer from Hamilton) Well, um, I was going to take it out for a ride and thought the least I could do is see if you wanted to come, cruise by the Rawley babes, sound like fun?

Hamilton goes back to watching the tv. Jake stands up and leaves, looking back over her shoulder at Hamilton. Hamilton looks up and stares after her.

Cut to inside the diner.

BELLA: Nothing

SCOUT: Nothing.

BELLA: Just tires at the gas station.

SCOUT: Why, you like?

Some guys come in.

GUY: We're starving, some menus please.

BELLA: Welcome to my life.

SCOUT: Be right back. *goes over to table* Here you go gentlemen *gives him the menus*. I'll be back to take your order. *Will walks in*


WILL: Hi, Cappuccino sir? (to Scout)

SCOUT: How about I just blow some hot air into a glass of milk?

WILL: Why not? You seem to have enough of it lately. *looks at Bella and Scout* You know, I signed you up for Celebrity Deathmatch. *laughs*

SCOUT: I'm psyched. *they laugh* Yesterday I said a lot of crap and two weeks doesn't make me an expert on your life.

WILL: No, it doesn't.

SCOUT: So, are we cool?

WILL: Yeah, we're cool.

GUY: Hey, townie, I told you we're hungry. Just because the economy's good doesn't mean you get to slack of at work huh.

BELLA: Guess he doesn't recognize you scout.

SCOUT: *whispering to Bella* Yeah, but I recognize him. It's Kyle Stratten. *to Kyle* The economy is good and will remain good for those of us who invested wisely, ahh but for those of us who's fortunes ride on shaky tech stocks, like better enjoy it while it lasts.

WILL: Yeah, because sooner or later those shareholders are going to realize their stocks are worthless and it's inevitable the bottom will fall out.

SCOUT: Will you like an application with your order?

KYLE: Who the hell are you?

SCOUT: Just some townies, sir.

KYLE: Freaks.

BELLA: Lets just hope they'll need some service on their brakes this year. *Will and Scout look at Bella shocked*

Cut to baseball game. Will's sitting in stands watching the game, supporting Sean and the team. Sean spots Will and they share a nod. Rawley win the game. Sean sees Will leave and watches him go. They share a look. Will rides off on his bike and we see Sean on a bike catching up with him.

SEAN: Will! Will!

WILL: Hey, Hey


WILL: Great game, you kicked ass.

SEAN: Long time coming. So, what's it like on the inside?

WILL: Rawley? Pretty intimidating.

SEAN: So, what was it man? We spent so much time badmouthing Rawley kids, you thought I'd turn on you too?

WILL: Every morning I wake up there, it's like I'm waiting for somebody to find out...

SEAN: Find out what?

WILL: That I'm faking it. I didn't want you guys to see me fail.

SEAN: Will, you're not going to fail. You got a scholarship, you're the smartest freaking guy I know. You're going to own that place. Remember when we were kids, you had this way of looking at things, making anything seem possible. I never told you this, but because you were going to be somebody, made me feel like I was going to be somebody too.

WILL: Remember, when we would hang out in the woods, and we'd get chased by the Rawley groundskeeper guy, was that guy a freak or what? Oh man, those were some good times.

SEAN: Yeah they were, oh man.

WILL: Remember that girl, Coral Leigh, from elementary school?

SEAN: That little red-haired chick.

WILL: The one you had a crush on. I saw her the other day.

SEAN: What, what are you talking about?

WILL: I dunno, she was asking about you.

SEAN: Oh yeah, what did she say? That hot little number want me now?

WILL: No, she said "Where's that short guy, Sean at?"

Bella's standing at the gas station watching them through all of this. They ride of down the street together.

Cut to diner. Scout's placing ice cream sundae's in front of Bella, Will and himself.

WILL (Voice Over): If one day, I wonder, when you look back on your life, you'll see it's not always about the big picture, it's really all about the moments.

Gang are sitting, talking, eating their sundaes.

WILL (Voice Over Continued): And maybe one day you'll think back and you'll string all those moments together and then you'll realize when you add them all up, your life is more meaningful than you could have dreamed.

Fade out at diner. Bella, Will and Scout eating sundaes, still talking.