1X03 - KISS And TELL
Original Airdate (WB): 26-JUL-2000


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Opening Scene: Will walks across the lawn as other boys play.  Music "What you wish for", by Guster

WILL (voice over): Maybe it's because I'm young.  Maybe it's because it's summer. Maybe it's because I'm at Rawley.  There are some days you just feel so lucky to where you are, when you are, and who you are, and you can't help wondering if everyone else feels as lucky  as you do

Cut to lake, where the boys are dismantling the crew boat.  Bella and some girls are on the opposite dock.  Bella waves.

BELLA: hey guys

She gets in a canoe and starts to row over, when a jet ski rides up.

PAIGE: Scout Calhoun

SCOUT: Paige Bennett, what are you doing here?

PAIGE: I just started at Rawley girls.  Hi, I'm Paige.

WILL: Uh, Will

PAIGE: Nice to meet you

WILL: Nice to meet you

SCOUT: Scout, you looked great

Bella arrives and steps out of her canoe.

BELLA: Hey Scout, hey Will

SCOUT:  Hi Bella.

WILL: Hey Bella

SCOUT: Bella, this is Paige



WILL: You know that a really cool Ski-Doo.

PAIGE: Thanks.  Scout, you want to go for a ride?

SCOUT: Ah, Will, why don't you go first?

WILL: Yeah, uh, you sure?

PAIGE: Sure, hop on

WILL: Who's life is this?

Paige and Will ride away.

WILL: Woo-hoo.

Cut to Bella and Scout on the beach.

SCOUT: She's a friend of the family's

BELLA: You don't have to say that

SCOUT: I know

BELLA: I think she likes you.  So you should ask her out.

SCOUT: You don't have to say that.

BELLA: I know.

Opening credits, "Six Packs", by the Getaway People

Music- "Breaking me", by Johnny Lang

Ryder walks down hall, and Kate comes up next to him.  She pulls a cigarette from behind his ear.

KATE: Welcome back Ryder.  I thought you promised me you were gonna quit.

RYDER: I will, Mrs. Fleming.  How's your husband?

KATE: Oh, the dean?  He's just fine.  And much less understanding about smoking.

RYDER: And Hamilton?

KATE:  He's fine too, he started this summer. 

RYDER: They grow up so fast, don't they

KATE: Yeah, They sure do

Ryder arrives at his room and looks around.

RYDER: What a dump

Cut to a classroom



FINN: About the curriculum for poetry class

KATE: Right, right it looks fine.  Pretty basic.  Missing a little estrogen perhaps

FINN: Does Sully count? (pause) Mmm remember this song?


FINN: Yeah you do.

KATE: No I don't

FINN: You and me in the boathouse

KATE: You me "you and I in the boathouse"

FINN: Don't correct my grammar and I won't tell you who the father of cubism is.

They kiss.

Cut to Will coming down the hall.  He stops in the doorway when he seems them.  Ryder comes up behind him.

RYDER: That would been introduction to grabbing the dean's wife's ass.

WILL: If I were you I'd pretend I never saw that.

RYDER: Why?  Isn't this is summer session?  Bikinis, martinis, and Lamborghini's.

WILL: Ssshh.

RYDER: What's the matter precious?  What are you gonna do? Should I? 

He threatens to knock


RYDER: Should I?


Ryder knocks, then runs.  Finn and Kate pull apart.

KATE: What was that?  I'm gonna go.

Kate leaves the room.

Cut to dock

FINN: "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.  To front only the essential facts of life.  To see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die discover I had not lived."  Ok, what do we know about Thoreau?

SCOUT: Ah, he packed it all in to live by himself in the woods.

FINN: In a place like this.  This sis the setting that inspired him.  And now here we are. Can you imagine what he was trying to do?

WILL: Maybe to ah, be an individual, to find himself by stepping away from society and all the institutions.

RYDER: Like, maybe the institution of marriage.  Wasn't he like hot for Emerson's wife.. (laughs)  Maybe he was getting up to a little extracurricular activity out here in the woods.  You know who that can be

WILL: It's not possible.  Emerson was Thoreau's mentor, his friend

FINN: True.  Besides, it's kind of hard to get things going when you invite a woman to your cabin with no heat for a wild weekend.  I think it's safe to assume that Thoreau lived in the woods alone.  Let's face it, the life of a philosopher poet is a pretty solitary gig.  Ok, for tomorrow I want you guys to read Civil Disobedience.

Cut to the gas station.  Music is "Opened Eyes" by Idol.  Paige pulls up in her car.

BELLA: Hey Paige

PAIGE: I don't know what just happened

BELLA: Yeah, it ah, it sounds like your cable snapped

Cut to the two girls lying under the car.

BELLA: Yeah, you're good to go for now but the hook is definitely tweaked so you're gonna have to get it replaced at some point.

PAIGE: Thank you, you saved my life.

Paige helps Bella up.

BELLA: Thanks.  Oh, I love French Manicures

PAIGE: So Bella, How much do I owe you?

BELLA: Um, it's on the house.

PAIGE: Thanks.  Hey, I'll owe you a French manicure.

Cut to Jake's room.  She's talking on a  cell phone while dressing.

JAKE: Hey, Consuela, it's Jakeah.. Jacqueline.  Yeah.  Is Mom there?  Oh, she left again.  Hollywood.  Wow.  No, no, glad the role came through.  Yeah, well, I'm sure they mean to call and tell me.  No, it happens, it happens.  Yeah, I will.  I miss you too, Consuela.  Bye.

Cut to the Rawley Academy Lawn.  Hamilton is playing Frisbee when his mom and a redheaded girl approach.

KATE: Oh, hold on one second.  Here's Munchie.  Hi, hi.

HAMILTON: Mom, drop the Munchie

KATE: Ok.  Uh, Lena, Hamilton, Hamilton, Lena.  Hamilton's my son.  Lena's here is from LA and she's touring our school, so could you do me a favor and take her back to the girls' campus so she doesn't get lost, OK


KATE: Alright.  Have fun



Cut to Hamilton and Lena walking.

HAMILTON: So, what's it like in LA?

LENA: Nothing's indigenous.  Even the palm trees are brought in.  I always wanted to say that it's from the "The Way we Were."

HAMILTON: You like movies

LENA: Some.  Mostly old ones

HAMILTON: They just restored an old drive in near here.  It opens tomorrow night

Jake sees them approaching as she walks across the lawn, and jumps down into their path.







HAMILTON: Jake this is--

LENA: Lena

JAKE: Hi Lena.

HAMILTON: From La.  She's checking out Rawley for fall semester.  I was gonna show her to the girl's campus

JAKE: Mm, well, how chivalrous

LENA: We're going to the drive in tomorrow night to see a movie, do you want to come music

JAKE: Yeah, sure.


LENA: You know, you look exactly like my ex-boyfriend.

JAKE: I hope that's a compliment

LENA: It is

HAMILTON: You know, people tell me and Jake that we look alike

LENA: For real?  Hm.  I don't see it

HAMILTON: The girls school, is this way

LENA: So, we're gonna see you tomorrow night?

JAKE: Yes you will.

LENA: He looks exactly like my ex-boyfriend.

Cut to Will and Scout in the interior of Friendly's.  The tables are a mess.

WILL: This is why I don't give whipped cream cans to kids.

SCOUT: Alright, it's my mess.  Go on, get outta here, I'll close up

WILL: Thanks.

Cut to a view of the gas station.  Bella and Scout meet eyes and smile.  Cut back to Friendly's.

WILL: So, how bout you and Paige, huh?


WILL: She really likes you, it's pretty obvious. 

SCOUT: What?  Did she put an ad in the paper?

WILL: If you're not gonna go for it because of Bella, that's pretty lame.

SCOUT: I grew up with Paige.  I've always thought of her as more of a sister.

WILL: Life's so weird

SCOUT: Alright, get out of here.

Cut to a view of the gas station, where Bella and Sean are now having a water fight.  Cut back inside, as Scout fills his mouth with whipped cream, and the door opens behind him.


PAIGE: Hey.  So you do work here.

SCOUT: Yeah.

PAIGE: Hmm. How's charmingly eccentric

SCOUT: Right

PAIGE: Am I too late for a quickie?

SCOUT: A what?

PAIGE: A burger

SCOUT: No, you're not to late for a quickie.

Cut to the lawn at Rawley.

KATE: Finn about that class we're, ah, teaching together.

FINN: yeah

KATE: It's just not gonna work.

FINN: Mm, why, cause you want to stay away from me

KATE: No, no, because I don't , I mean, because we can't.  And I just wanted to be very clear about that

FINN: Clear

KATE: Yeah

FINN: Crystal.  Until you're right next to me and then it gets a little blurry.

KATE: Yeah

Cut to the common room at Rawley.

RYDER: Greetings, gentlemen.  I'm making a documentary chronicling the hopes, the fears, the dreams of some of our freshmen, setting forth at the illustrious Rawley Academy.  Let's start with you.  Tell us child, what is your name?

HARRY: Ah, Harry Johnson. 

RYDER: Ha!  Harry Johnson, that's brilliant.  Tell us Harry, why are you here at Rawley?

HARRY: I I guess to go to school.

RYDER: Harry Johnson, future suicide.

WILL: Why are you here, Ryder?

RYDER: Because my mother had the poor taste to marry American, and this is his pathetic idea of a good school.  I'm hoping it proves to be the low point in my life. And from what I understand, it will probably be the high point of yours. I'm sorry, but at some point the scholarship money will run out, and let's face it, the tips your mum makes at the wash and set just aren't gonna cut it at these places.

WILL: You are a useless individual, aren't you?

RYDER: Yeah.  But I'm great fun.

HAMILTON: It's not even your camera, Ryder.  That's school property.

RYDER: Duh, Hamilton.  Tell us Ham, have you gonna laid yet?  I mean, I know it's been hard for you all these years, being the runt among all these nubile young women.

WILL: Why don't you just lay off him Ryder?

HAMILTON: Don't bother will, I'm outta here.

RYDER: (laughs) I mention sex and he wants to be alone.  What our boy Hamilton doesn't realize is that while he's yet to wet his whistle, his loving mother is loving someone other than his loving father.  Kind of ironic, which I'm sure Finn would point out.  Which is ironic in itself, seeing as Finn's the one she's doing..  You saw the whole thing Krudski, why don't you give us a blow-by-blow.

Will gets up and knocks the camera out of Ryder's hands.  It smashes to the floor.

RYDER: Damn Krudski, I was on a roll.

Dean Fleming enters and picks up the camera.

DEAN: Gentlemen.  What's going on here?

RYDER: Hello dean Fleming.  I'm so sorry, I dropped it by accident.  I'm so clumsy, if it's broken I'll pay for it, I'll

DEAN: That's not necessary, Ryder. We can get it fixed, it's just a camera.

RYDER: Sorry

DEAN: Gentlemen, is something wrong?


DEAN: Alright then

RYDER: (laughs)

Opens in the gas stations (?), where Bella and Paige are seated doing French Manicures. 

Music is "Have it All" by Jeremy Kay

PAIGE: Now this is the only tricky part.  You just want to get the white-white of the nail across the very tip.  Kind of like a half moon. (pause) Can you keep a secret?

BELLA: Oh yeah.

PAIGE: I've been in love with Scout Calhoun since I was like five years old.  I have Dr. Seuss books with 'Paige Calhoun' scribbled all over them.  I want him to be my first

BELLA: Really?

PAIGE: It's ok.  I thought I made a big mistake.  Until he asked me out last night.  We're going to the drive in tonight.

BELLA: Oh, that's great.  Really great.  Sean and I are going to the drive in too

PAIGE: Maybe I'll see you there


Cut to the street in New Rawley.  Will and Scout are walking, Scout is wheeling his bike alongside.

WILL: You know how in Civil Disobedience Thoreau talks about how it's ok to break the rules sometimes if you do it for the right reason?


WILL: What do you think?  Believe that's true?

SCOUT: Depends on the circumstances.  My dad got arrested for demonstrating against Vietnam.

WILL: Mm-hmm

SCOUT: You always have to do what you think is right, regardless of the consequences.  You know?  Why, you thinking of staging a revolution?

WILL: No.  Not tonight anyway

SCOUT: In that case you wanna go on a double date?

WILL: Who you going with?

SCOUT: Paige.  She stopped by the diner last night after you left.

WILL: That'd be cool.  You know? You and Paige, me and my right hand.  Where you guys going?

SCOUT: Drive in

WILL: (laughs) Right.  You know you're a big boy, I think you can do this one on your own

SCOUT: Yeah.

Cut to the empty hallway of Rawley Academy at night.  He looks around as he approaches a locked door, then takes out his wallet.

WILL: Life is weird.

He takes out his Rawley ID, looks at the truth is virtue logo, and picks the lock.  He goes in, but can't get the tape out of the camera, so he takes it with him.

KATE: Hey, Will?


KATE: What's that

WILL: Um, it's not.. I mean it's not what it looks like

KATE: What is it then?

WILL: Well, um, there's something on the tape.

KATE: Give me the camera Will.

WILL: Right. 

KATE: I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to bring this up with the dean.  This could mean expulsion.

Cut to the drive in, where Sean and Bella sit in her blue truck.

BELLA: It's weird huh?  Everything old becomes hip.  This place has been packed since it became a revival house. 

SEAN: I know something old I'd like to see here?

BELLA: Yeah, and what's that?

SEAN: A bench seat.  He slides over to sit on the gear shift.

Cut to Scout and Paige in her convertible at the drive in.

PAIGE: Everything all right?

SCOUT: Yeah, I haven't seen this movie before, it's pretty good

Cut to Hamilton, Lena, and Jake sitting in lawn chairs at the drive in.

LENA: This movie's so romantic

JAKE: It's creepy, she's a witch

LENA: No, I mean, two people fall for each other under the worst possible circumstances, and they go for it.

HAMILTON: Oh look, full moon

JAKE: Oh yeah, look at that

LENA: Actually, it's a full moon tomorrow night

HAMILTON: Thanks for the update

JAKE: I'm gonna go and get some jujubes.

Jake gets up and leaves, and Lena turns her attention to Hamilton.

LENA: I thought he'd never leave

HAMILTON: What do you mean?

LENA: I mean, you've gotta tell me everything.  Do you think he likes me?  I thought I got those vibes, but am I confusing signals?  He's so hard to read.  But that's kind of what I like about him.


LENA: Can you talk to him for me?

HAMILTON: No.  I mean, bad idea

LENA: What, you talking to him or us getting together?

HAMILTON: I  don't know.  I just don't see it.  The whole thing.

LENA: Really.

She gets up and moves into Jake's seat, leaving an empty chair between her and Hamilton.

Cut back to Sean and Bella.

BELLA: Sean, this can't be comfortable

SEAN: I'm ok.  I uh, glad you came here with me tonight

BELLA: Me too

SEAN: I've wanted to ask you out for a long time, its' weird cause we were always around people and we've always been friends and it's nice to be here alone.

Bella sees Scout putting his arm around Paige.

SEAN: Bella?

BELLA: Yeah? Yeah.

SEAN: You ok?

BELLA: Yeah, actually I'm great.

Bella and Sean kiss.

Cut to Scout and Paige.

SCOUT: What's wrong?

PAIGE: What are we doing here together?

SCOUT: We're watching a movie, eating stale popcorn

PAIGE: Are you at least gonna kiss me?


They kiss briefly

PAIGE: Scout, I wanted us to be together

SCOUT: We are together

PAGIE: No, I wanted you to be my first

SCOUT: You mean like right here right now?

PAIGE: Not here.  Like I'm gonna lose my virginity at a drive in.

SCOUT: Right, right, new car smell, ash tray marks in the back of my neck

PAGIE: (fed up) Go get us a coke

Scout see Bella and Sean kissing as he walks by.  Sean looks up and notices Scout staring at them.

SEAN: You want something from the snack bar?

BELLA: Hot tamales would be good

Sean leaves, and Bella turns to see Ryder standing at her door.

RYDER: Hello darling?  Aren't you a little bit young to drive?  I mean, personally, I like girls who break the law, but I wouldn't want you to get into trouble.

BELLA: How bout girls who break the legs?

She opens the door, hitting his shins.  He stumbles back as she gets out and leaves.

RYDER: Ow!  (calling after her) That was very funny.  So young! So bad! (under his breath) So what.

Cut to Hamilton, Lena, and Jake.  Jake comes back, without her jujubees, and sits in between Hamilton and Lena.

JAKE: They were out.

The three sit in silence, Jake obviously feels very awkward in the middle.

Cut to the snack bar.  Scout has just bought a couple of sodas when Sean comes running up.

SEAN: Hey Scout, what the hell do you think you were doing back there?

SCOUT: I was on my way to the snack bar.  I'm not going to ask you what you were doing, because I think that was pretty obvious.

SEAN: What's that supposed to mean?

SCOUT: It means Bella is very special, and you just better treat her right

SEAN: Screw you, who do you think you are to tell me how to treat Bella?  What are you, her brother?

Bella comes running in as the boys get to throwing punches.

BELLA: Scout, Sean, stop it.


BELLA: Yes! Now! Walk away.

Sean smashes Scout's drink tray, causing the Cokes to spill.  He and Bella walk away.  Scout turns to see Ryder on his other side.

RYDER: (smiling) You should've hit him.

Opens on the crew team rowing.  Pans with them till we see Paige and Bella sitting at the edge of the lake watching the boys row

PAIGE: I don't know.  I was with Scout but it was like we were never alone. It's almsotas if there was someone else sitting in the car with us. Does that make any sense?

BELLA: Maybe he just takes a little while to warm up

PAIGE: He's a 15 year old guy sitting in a car with a girl at a drive in.  There's either someone else in the picture or he's been hurt during the war.  And there's been no war.  So Bella, is there?  Someone else I mean.

BELLA: Um, I don't know, I don't know.

Cut to the interior of Friendly's.  Scout is behind the counter working when Bella bursts through the door.

BELLA: Scout we have to talk

SCOUT: Look I'm sorry about last night, I know I was out of line.

BELLA: Out of line?  Try out of your mind. I was on a date, OK? I have the right to be on a date.

SCOUT: I know you do, it wasn't about that. It's about who you're on a date with.

BELLA: You know this is getting really boring.  Why can't you just be happy for me, why?

SCOUT: Because he's not the kind of guy I see you with.

BELLA: You keep saying that.  So, what kind of guy do you see me with, exactly?

Scout doesn't answer.

BELLA: That's what I thought.  We can't see each other any more

SCOUT: What are you talking about?  I was just worried about you like a brother.

Oh, OK. Then tell me, you're with this beautiful smart girl last night.  How did it go?  Did you enjoy it?  Did you even kiss her? 

Scout doesn't answer.  We're not going down this road again.  Goodbye Scout.

Cut to the lawn outside of Rawley.  Kate comes running after Finn.

KATE: Finn?  Finn.

FINN: If you're gonna give me another lecture, save your breath.  I get it.

KATE: I'm not.  It's not about us.  Last night I saw Will coming out of my husband's office.  It was late, and um, there was no one else there, and he was taking a video camera.

FINN: Did he say what he was doing?

KATE: Well, he was stealing it.  And I know that you guys are close.  I just thought you might have some idea how to handle this.

FINN: You're giving me a lot of credit.  He walks away.

KATE: Yes I am

Kate and Finn walk off in different directions, and Jake and Hamilton meet up.



HAMILTON: Ok, you win

JAKE: I win what?


JAKE: Oh, yeah, I won Lena?  What, does she come with a trip to Hawaii?

HAMILTON: You know what I mean.  She likes you.  Not that I really care.

JAKE: No, it's just a chemistry thing.  You know, something you can't control, just some people click.


JAKE: Look, I'm sure you've clicked with plenty of babes.

HAMILTON: Do you like her?

JAKE: Oh, I don't know, I mean, she's hot, right?

HAMLITON: Wait a minute, you think she's hot.

JAKE: Don't you?

HAMLITON: Look, whatever happens, I'm cool with it.

JAKE: Really.

HAMILTON: You're a guy, she likes you, go for it.

Hamilton walks away

JAKE: What isn't wrong with this picture.

Cut to Finn's classroom.  Class is just ending.

FINN: Will, I'd like to talk to you.

The rest of the boys go, but Will remains.

FINN (cont):  I heard about the incident last night with the video camera

KATE: Right

FINN: Right? That's all you have to say is right?

WILL: Well what else do you want me to say?

FINN: How bout what the hell you think you were doing stealing?  I know you don't have as much money as the other guys around here, but you're about to get your ass kicked out of this school.

WILL: Is that what you think?  That I tried to steal some camera cause I need money?

FINN: You broke into the dean's office, you stole something, you have no excuse.  What am I supposed to think?

WILL: Let me help you.  Imagine a student saw something he wasn't supposed to see.  A teacher, but not just any teacher, a teacher who's been really good to him.  A teacher kissing the wife of the dean.

FINN: Oh my God.

WILL: And now, imagine another student seeing this, but a real jerk.  Who during a hazing spree videotapes this information and it ends up in the dean's office.  What would you have done?  And you know what the funny part of all this is?  The tape is still on the dean's desk.  So now, you're the one with the moral dilemma.  You're the one with all of the learning, the lectures, the philosophy.  You're the grown-up.  You go and decide what's right and wrong.

Cut to Finn in his classroom.  He is thinking about what to do.  He looks out the window and sees Kate and Hamilton playing with their golden retrievers.  Cut to the lawn.

FINN: Kate

KATE: Oh.  Hi

FINN: Just wanted you to know I talked to will and there was something on the tape that was stuck in the video camera.  Something personal about some people at school.  He was just trying to protect them

KATE: Oh, Ok.  What was it?

FINN: It doesn't matter, he wasn't stealing it.

KATE: Are you sure about that?

FINN: Yeah.

KATE: Oh, good, that's great, I'm glad to hear it.  And, ah,  thank you for, ah, you know, settling that.

FINN: And about the other day.

KATE: You know what Finn,

FINN: No, I agree with you.  I just want you to know you don't have to worry about me and that again.

KATE: Oh.  OK  I have a family ot go feed, dinner on the table so, I'll see ya.

Cut to the lakeside.  Scout is sitting under a tree when Paige walks up.

PAIGE: Scout?

SCOUT: Hi Paige

PAIGE: I was just wondering, my mom and dad are having a party on their boat this weekend. I thought Maybe you could come with me.

SCOUT: Ah, this weekend.  I'm not sure.  I think I've got a meet, I think

PAIGE: Oh.  Scout can' I tell you something?


PAIGE: I like you scout.  I've always liked you

SCOUT: Thank you Paige.

PAIGE: I'm just telling you because I don't believe in wasting time, yours or mine.  Are you just not interested in me?

SCOUT: No, no that's not it at all

PAIGE: Well whatexactly  is it?  Cause I personally think you're about to blow a really good thing

SCOUT: Believe me, I know

PAIGE: So is it a chemistry thing, a timing thing, or I making a complete idiot of myself and there's someone else.

SCOUT: It isn't about you.  It's kind of a timing thing.

PAIGE: So I guess I won't be seeing you this weekend. Fair enough.  See, wasn't that easier than a bunch of bad dates that ultimately led no where?

PAIGE: Yeah.  You're pretty cool, Paige.

SCOUT: Yeah, I know

Cut to Jake's room.

JAKE: Yeah?

LENA: Hey Jake can I come in?

JAKE: Um, yeah, sure. So.


JAKE: So I thought you were leaving for the airport by no

LENA: Yeah, I just wanted to come by and tell you that I had a really good time last night, and say thanks, and that I'm transferring to Rawley Girls.

JAKE: Well, you're welcome and that's great

LENA: I just I think we really connected and that since I'm gonna be at Rawley, you'll remember me.

JAKE: Oh, I, uh, I will.

LENA: Because I think you're really cool

JAKE: I think you're cool too

LENA: And I hope that we can hang out again or something.

Lena leans in and kisses Jake, but he immediately recoils.  He grabs her hands.

JAKE: Oh, um, Lena, this isn't gonna work.  Oh, ah, that's not what I mean.  This isn't you at all, see-

Lena tries to pull away, not believing him.  No no, you're beautiful and I would be on you in a second if you walked through that door, but I'm in love with someone and it just wouldn't be right.  I hope you understand, and I hope you know how deeply impressed I am that you had the courage to do this, because I sure wouldn't.

LENA: I should have listened to Hamilton. He said this was a bad idea

JAKE: He did

LENA: Yeah, I think he was jealous

JAKE: I guess he likes you

LENA: No, I think he likes you

Cut to the hallway as Lena, the Jake enters.

JAKE: What?

Lena just walks away smiling.  The boys in the hall hoot and holler and Jake makes a cool little "Cowabunga Dude" sign with her hand.

RAWLEY BOYS: Oh yeah, yeah, way to go man

HAMILTON: What's going on?

RANDOM BOY: Jake had that hot Cali chick in his room.

JAKE: It's not what it looks like

HAMILTON: Yeah, right.

Cut to the dock.  Will is standing there, when Finn walks up and takes the camera out of his bag.

FINN: Any idea how the hell to get this tape out of here?

WILL: I can try

FINN: What you saw the other morning is entirely my fault.  Kate is a wonderful woman and a devoted mother and teacher, and please don't think any less of her.  Not only did I let it happen, but I caused it to happen.  I'm sorry about that.  What you did for me, taking that upon yourself, that was something.  You're a big person will, bigger than I am, and I'm sorry for what I put you through.  Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that

WILL: Finn.  Thank you.  I thought I was outta here.

They hug.

FINN: Unpack your bags, kid.  You're not going anywhere.

Cut to New Rawley Street.  Scout it talking on his cell phone.

Music is "Which Will" by Nick Drake

SCOUT:  Hey Paige, it's Scout. Yeah, about this weekend, let's do that. 'K.  yeah.  Alright, bye.

Scout walks across the street.  He tosses stones at Bella's window until she comes and opens it.  He stands in the street yelling up at her.

SCOUT: Hey Bella, I just wanted to say that you were right about my date with Paige. I had a great time.  I;m really into Paige.  I actually have a crush on her.

BELLA: You do?

SCOUT: I always have, who wouldn't?  I just didn't want to tell you because, I wasn't sure how you'd take it, you know

BELLA: Well that's great Scout, you know, I'm really happy for you.

SCOUT: And given that, I think it's stupid the two of us can't be friends.  Don't you think?

BELLA: Maybe.

SCOUT: What're you doing now?

BELLA: Folding laundry

SCOUT: You wanna walk to the lake?  I'll teach you how to skip a stone.

BELLA: Scout, I know how to skip a stone.

SCOUT: Ok.  Then you can show me, cause I don't.  Come on, give me half an hour, I'll have you home before dinner.

BELLA: Ok, I'll be right down.

Sequence of images, including Will riding his bike, Finn looking through his freezer at frozen dinners, Jake staring out her window, Hamilton sitting under a tree staring up at the sky, Scout and Bella walking towards the lake, and finally Will and Finn eating at Friendly's.

WILL (voice over): When I was little I had this idea that life could be perfect, that if you were careful enough, you'd never make a mistake, never be lonely, never be misunderstood, never be frightened.  But it doesn't work that way.  Life is big and messy and you just have to climb in it with your boots on and hope for the best.  Like Thoreau said, heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.  And at the end of the day, I have to say, I still feel pretty lucky to be here.