Original Airdate (WB): 02-AUG-2000


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Fade in to Will walking across the lawn at Rawley.

WILL (voice over):  Rawley Academy.  I still can't believe I'm here.  This setting, these people, this world where dreams really do come true.  A place where a guy from the wrong side of the tracks lives the life of a prince.  What else could I hope for?  See Caroline walking across the lawn.  What else could I hope for.  A princess, naturally.

Fade into the garage, where Bella is working on a car.  Sean comes up behind her.

Music is "Have it All" by Jeremy Kay

BELLA: (on phone) Yes, it's a mess.  Well, yeah, I'll try to get it done by this afternoon.  Yeah, alright.  Bye.


SEAN: Don't you look great in Monkey Grease.

BELLA: Yeah, I bet you say that to all the girls

SEAN: Where's your dad?

BELLA: Oh, he's in Boston renewing our business license. 

SEAN: Maybe I should clip my fan belt so we have to spend time together.  Or, I could just get you lunch.  Lobster rolls, no tomatoes, right?

BELLA: Yes, you are a prince.

SEAN: Thanks

BELLA: You have no idea how hungry I am

SEAN: Yeah, me too. Sees Bella looking over at the diner.  HE working today?


SEAN: Scout

BELLA: Oh, no Sean-

SEAN: Bella are you into him or not, cause if you are it's cool, I'll back off.  Actually, I won't.  But I need to know what battles lie ahead.

BELLA: No, you know what?  There's no battles.  I, um, I talked to Scout yesterday and everything's just really complicated right now but it's gonna be fine. OK, so just let it go.


Dissolve to Finn's class, being held on the lawn.  Hamilton is reading aloud.  Caroline comes midway through and takes a seat next to Will.

HAMILTON: (reading) And they built their gods a brazen pillar high as the sky.  Yet reserved a thousand chariots of full force.

PAIGE: Scout?

SCOUT: Yeah?

PAIGE: I've got one word for you- Cotillion.

SCOUT: Paige, would you like to be my date for the Cotillion?

PAIGE: Never accept a date for Friday on a Thursday afternoon.

CAROLINE: Sorry I'm late. She sits down near Will.

HAMILTON: (Still reading) With their fires and their glories and the rest, Love is best.  The End

FINN: What does this poem mean to any one of you?  Scout!


FINN: So you like these coed classes.

SCOUT: Uh-huh

Jake laughs

FINN: Jake, had a crush lately.

JAKE: Ah, maybe

FINN: Ok, well, what poem, no what song, makes you feel

JAKE: I try, Macy Grey.

FINN: Let's hear it.  You don't have to sing it, just recite it.

JAKE: OK.  I keep my cool, but I'm feigning.  I try to say goodbye and I choke.  Try to walk away, and I stumble.  Though, I try to hide it, it's clear-

LENA: My world crumbles when you are not here.  What? It's a good song.

FINN: These words comfort us because we personalize them.  Now, lets personalize browning.  Mr. Krudski

WILL: Maybe what Browning is saying is even the strongest armies and empires can be wiped out.  No one can stop people from falling in love.

FINN: Spoken like a hopeless romantic.

Opening Credits.

Fade into the lawn at Rawley.  Will and Scout are looking at some girls.

SCOUT: Caroline Busse, you like?

WILL: So, ah, who's the guy

SCOUT: Ah, Josh Carson, went to Deerbrook with me.  He, ah, he used to wet the bed.

WILL: Laughs Probably still does.

Cut to the lakeside, where the guys are stowing crew equipment.  Hamilton whacks Jake with an oar by mistake.


HAMILTON: Oh, dude, sorry you all right?

JAKE: Yeah, I'm tougher than I look, I'm fine.  So, are you renting or do you own?

HAMILTON: Neither.  Still mooching off the parentals.

JAKE: I meant a tuxedo

HAMILTON: Oh, for the Cotillion?  I'm gonna do the dinner jacket thing.  you know, like Boagie in Casablanca.

JAKE: Not bad


JAKE: Don't know.  IF I go at all it'll probably be a drop by solo kind of thing

HAMILTON: Yeah, me too, solo

JAKE: Could be fun

HAMILTON: Yeah, lots of chicks in taffeta

JAKE: Laughs.  Um, why don't we just go solo together

HAMILTON: Yeah, ok

JAKE: Great.  It's a date.

Cut to the trees beside the lake.  Will and Scout are sitting leaning against trees studying.

WILL: So, how rich is she.  I mean, compared to your family.


WILL: Great

SCOUT: But compared to the Gates family, not so much.

WILL: And he sighs with relief.

SCOUT: Her parents have this place in St. Barts.  I used to see her on the beach all the time.  She has the most amazing teeny-weeny baby blue string bikini.


SCOUT: Yeah.  Hey why don't you ask her to the co

WILL: Come on, she's kind of out of my league

SCOUT: Oh, that's what I thought.  Scared

WILL: I am not scared.

SCOUT: Of girls?  Yes you are.

WILL: You know I've dated, OK?  I've dated a ton.

SCOUT: Yeah, OK Will.

WILL: You don't think I can do it?  What, you don't believe me?  I can do it.  In fact, I'm gonna do it right now.

SCOUT: Whatever you say.  Holds up his book, which we see is an Introduction to Psychology.

Cut to the steps in the lawn at Rawley.  Caroline is sitting with a few girlfriends, who leave.  Will approaches her.



WILL: I'm Will

CAROLINE: Hi Will. Caroline

WILL: Yeah, I know.  So, you seen those banners around school?  For the Cotillion?

CAROLINE: Yeah, they're kind of hard to miss.

WILL: Right.  Look, ah, I was wondering if you were planning on going

CAROLINE: Ah, yeah.  I'm um, going with Josh Carson actually

WILL: From Deerbrook

CAROLINE: Yeah.  Did you go to

WILL: Ah, no, but his reputation precedes him

JOSH: Caroline!

CAROLINE: That's me.  I guess I should get going.  It was nice meeting you.  See you around

WILL: Yeah



Cut to the interior of Friendly's.

BELLA: My kingdom for a coffee!

WILL: That's good, cause we just changed our prices from a kingdom to a buck


WILL: Just the girl I needed to talk to .  Alright, I have a 'what would you do' question for you.

BELLA: Ok, shoot

WILL: All right,  there's this cotillion tomorrow night and there's this girl that I really like that I wanted to ask but she already has a date.

BELLA: All right, there's hope.  You go with someone else, then you ask her to dance, and when she's all putty in your arms, you ask her out

WILL: Who would I go with?

BELLA: I don't know, I'd usually say Scout but he's going with-

WILL: You!

BELLA: No, Paige.

WILL: No, I mean, I could go with you.  I mean, would you go with me?

BELLA: No, no, no way Will, no

WILL: Come on, please?  Why not? 

BELLA: No, I mean, come on, get serious.  I do not go to Rawley

WILL: So what, who cares, I do.  We'll go, we'll dance.  Look it doesn't even matter, we're invited

BELLA: Well, who even says I want to be invited.  That's the last thing I need right now.  Snobby, stuck up bitchy girls saying oh my god you look really familiar and me saying yeah, I probably gave you a lube job yesterday, it's nice to meet you.  What's going on Will, you used to laugh at these people.

WILL: I know. But who cares, you'll be there with me.  So will Scout, so will Paige. With the right dress, a little soap and water, your hair in one of those thingies.  Come on, you'd be so hot, PLEASE?

WILL: Two townies, in the night, amist a see of privilege, me and you twirling the night away

BELLA: With four left feet

WILL: Come on, let's go there and show these people how to have a great time

BELLA: Oh, like we know?  Easy chairs, warm beer, cold pizza.  NO, no

WILL: All right, look, ok, come on.  Just do it as a favor for me, OK?

BELLA: Well, there is this one dress

WILL: mmm-hmhm.  Gets down on one knee. Bella will you please go to the Cotillion with me

BELLA: Ok, let's do it.

WILL: Ok!  All right!

Fade into the common room at Rawley.  Will is sitting looking through a phone book.  Finn comes around the corner and sees him.

FINN: Ah, a classic.

WILL: Huh.  Hardly, I'm renting a tux by like 7

FINN: Cotillion or eloping?

WILL: Well, if the Cotillion goes well, maybe both.  Got any suggestions

FINN: I might

Cut to the lakeside.  Lena walks up to Hamilton.



LENA: So, who you going to the dance with


LENA: You're not taking Jake

HAMLITON: No.  Why would I take Jake?

LENA: I don't know, I mean, I was gonna ask him but he doesn't seem like he's intested in either one of us.

HAMILTON: What are you talking about?

LENA: Anyway, I don't have a date, if you don't either we could go together

HAMILTON: Sees Jake approaching.  Um, to the cotillion

LENA: Yes, you and me at the cotillion




LENA: how's it going

JAKE: great just great

LENA: perfect. so I'll call you later


JAKE: Found a date huh?

HAMILTON: Yeah well she was going alone

JAKE: I getcha

HAMILTON: So, you decide to ask anyone?

JAKE: No, think I'm gonna skip it


JAKE: Besides the only person I had my eye on is going with someone else

HAMILTON: Well  holds up his history book.I'm history.

Cut to Finn's room.  Will is standing in front of the mirror wearing a white tuxedo jacket with no pants, looking in the mirror.  Finn sits on the bed behind him.

FINN: A shoeless Cary Grant

WILL: I was thinking more of a gunless James Bond.  I really appreciate this Finn.  I won't wreck it I swear. 

FINN: I trust ya.

WILL: You think I'll eve actually own one of these?

FINN: Yea, I do.  You might need these. Holds up the pants.

Cut to the gas station.  Bella walks over to Grace, who is painting her toenails. 

Music is "Opened Eyes" by Idol

BELLA: All right, I got a proposition for ya.  Tonight-

GRACE: What?

BELLA: I'll finish your shift if you're here at midnight for the gas delivery

GRACE: Don't tell me you have plans

BELLA: I'm going to Rawley's cotillion

GRACE: Are you waitressing?

BELLA: No, I'm a guest

GRACE: You at the Rawley cotillion?  With who?

BELLA: Will.

GRACE: What does Sean think about that?

BELLA: Sean doesn't care about Cotillions and Will and I are friends.  So Grace, you'll be here tonight at midnight.


BELLA: Grace, can you act like my sister just once?

GRACE: God, I said yes.

Car pulls up and honks.  It's Will's mom.

MRS. KRUDSKI: Hey sweetie


MRS. KRUDSKI: You excited?  Will told me.  Going to the Cotillion, huh?

BELLA: Just standing in for the girl of his dreams.

MRS. KRUDSKI: Baby you'll be the prettiest thing there

BELLA: Yeah, scoury maid in a burlap sack

MRS. KRUDSKI: Those Rawley girls got nothing on us.

BELLA: Right.

MRS. KRUDSKI: You and Will going to a dance.

BELLA: I know, can you believe it?

MRS. KRUDSKI: Hey, do you need a dress.  I've got this cute little red number it's off the shoulder right.  You just call me if you need anything.

BELLA: Thanks Mrs. Krudski.

MRS. KRUDSKI:.Bye baby.


Will is attempting to tie his bowtie when Scout comes in from the shower.

SCOUT: Alright Will's gonna score after all.

WILL: Okay please tell me you know how to deal with this.

SCOUT: What?

WILL: My bowtie, its out of control.

Scout goes and ties it for him.

SCOUT: Ahh.  Here.

WILL: Am I going to make a complete ass out of myself

SCOUT: Will relax, its a dance, alright but old fashioned you know, more rules, better clothes that's all.

WILL: Okay so, Give me the basics

SCOUT: Okay, um introduce yourself and your date using both your first and last names. If you're introducing your date to a friend, tell the other person's name before hers, if the introduction is to a teacher, or someone older, just, um, do the opposite.

WILL: Okay alright, forget all that, alright that's totally confusing.

SCOUT: So, um Bella's gonna be there.

WILL: Yeah, oh god I didn't even think about it, are you cool with that?

SCOUT: Oh totally, Paige and I are gonna be there, we're all gonna be there, we're gonna have fun.

WILL: Cool, cause that's what I thought.

SCOUT: Look at you, you are good to go buddy.

WILL: You think she's gonna want me bad?

SCOUT: that's my sister you're talking about.

WILL: I mean Caroline.

SCOUT: Oh, just put a sock on the door.  

Bella walks into Grace's room and looks through her closet.

GRACE: Sure, Come on in, make yourself comfortable.

BELLA: My white dress Grace where is it? Wheres my white dress, the dance starts in an hour.

Bella picks up her white dress up off the floor.

BELLA:  I can not believe you? What did you wear this too? A tractor pull? Its reeks like beer Grace, what am I supposed to do? Do you like live to screw me?

Bella throws the dress back in and picks up a pair of shoes.

BELLA: What are these?

GRACE: I got them in the attic, they're Mom's wedding shoes.

BELLA: Grace.

Doorbell rings

GRACE:  What you can have them, they don't fit anyways.

BELLA: The dress.


Bella goes upstairs and pulls out a dress from a trunk.

GRACE(off screen): Come in Mrs. Krudski.

Mrs. Krudski goes to the attic to find Bella holding a dress in front of her:



MRS. KRUDSKI:  I bought you something, these were my grandmothers, pearls never really worked on me, so

BELLA, opening a box to find earrings: they're beautiful. thank you.

MRS. KRUDSKI: You know who you look like?

BELLA: Yeah, I look like my Mom.  

Fade into the Cotillion.  The guys are all wearing white jackets and the girls wearing white dresses.  Everyone is kind of swing dancing.

Music is "Ooh, look a there ain't she pretty" by Red and the Red Hots

Music changes to "I Won't Stand in Your Way Anymore" by Stray Cats

Bella and Will arrive, and all the boys stare at her.

BELLA: They're all Naked.

WILL: What?

BELLA: It's a sure cure for stagefright.

Scout pulls his eyes off of his sister to look at his date.

SCOUT, to Paige: Um, Shall we dance

PAIGE: Yeah  

Cut to Jake is lying on her bed crying in the dark wearing a black bar. She then wipes her eyes, get up and pulls the tuxedo out of its dry cleaning bag.

Cut to the Cotillion. Scout and Paige meet up with Will and Bella.


WILL: Hey guys

PAIGE, to Bella: You look fabulous

BELLA: Oh, so do you.

PAIGE: Thank you.


PAIGE: Hey you guys want to go outside on the terrace?

BELLA:  Um, you guys go ahead, we're on a mission over here.

SCOUT: Caroline Busse?

PAIGE: Well if we see her, we'll send her your way

WILL: Okay,  see ya, guys.

Will spots Caroline.

WILL: And there she is.

BELLA: She's really uh

WILL: Something

BELLA: Yeah, so you wanna dance?

WILL: Love to.

BELLA: All right then quit standing next to me and go get her

WILL: What?  I'm not just going to leave you here.

BELLA: Will, go get her. I'm fine. 

Will heads off in Caroline's direction but Josh Carson gets there first and Caroline dances with him.  Will turns back to Bella to find she's talking to someone by the punch bowl so leaves..

RAWLEY BOY: So do you go to Rawley girls

BELLA: uh no.

RAWLEY BOY: Did you come with somebody?

BELLA: Yeah I came with Will Krudski

RAWLEY BOY: Oh, do you think he'd mind if we danced?

BELLA: Sees Scout and Paige dancing Umm maybe later.

RAWLEY BOY: Okay, maybe later.

Cut to Will entering the Billiards room. 

Music Changes  to "Maddest Kind of Love" by big bad voodoo daddies.

Cut back to the Cotillion. Jake walks in at the same time as Hamilton and Lena on the other side of the room.  They catch eyes briefly, but a guy comes up and shakes Jake's hand and they start talking . 

LENA: Yeah he's cute.


LENA: Jake, I've got a crush on him too. Hell, I'm a 15 year old girl, I've got a crush on you. Look at you, you're gorgeous, you both are, You're also in love with each other, its like its so obvious.

HAMILTON: Wait, we're not, and stop saying that, god.

LENA: I had this freshman girl fantasy that I would somehow end up with one of you, but its crystal clear that it's not going to happen

HAMILTON: I don't know what I was thinking when I said yes to this.

LENA: Stop thinking. Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind, take the leap while you're still young, its time to follow your heart.  I, I know that's so cliché. Go be with Jake, I'll be over by the punchbowl, there's some guys who've been giving me the hairy eyeball all night.

Lena leaves, Jake and Hamilton meet eyes, but Hamilton leaves.

Jake taps the guy she's talking to on the chest as she sees Hamilton go.

JAKE:  You know, I'll see you later. 

Will takes his first shot and breaks when Caroline walks by and comes in.

CAROLINE: Nice break

WILL: Thanks

CAROLINE: You're good.

WILL: I'm average

CAROLINE: And humble. So what are you doing here all alone.

WILL: uh, crowds kinda get to me

CAROLINE: So I was doing that poetry assignment, and I didn't know that Florence was one of Browning's favorite places to write. It's certainly one of mine.

WILL: After St. Barts?

CAROLINE: How did you know that?

WILL: Okay, uh which pocket?

CAROLINE: that one.

He makes the shot

CAROLINE: nice shot  

Cut to Bella standing on the terrace, when Scout comes up beside her.

SCOUT: A gentleman never lets his lady wander unescorted at a Cotillion

BELLA: What can I say, I'm progressive.

SCOUT: Where's your date?

BELLA: Uh hopefully asking someone else to dance

SCOUT: You look beautiful

BELLA: Yeah, I, uh, fix up okay.

SCOUT: That's the understatement of the year.

BELLA: so maybe later you'll save a dance for your sister? I mean of course if Paige doesn't mind pause So is this what its like?

SCOUT: What?

BELLA: Is this what it's like to be you.

SCOUT: Oh, Bella this is not me.

BELLA: No no, its just, its so different, its like its not even real.

SCOUT: Oh that's because you don't fit in.

BELLA: What?

SCOUT: that is a compliment there's not a guy here that's not talking about you

BELLA: It's my Mom's dress

SCOUT: Bella, do you ever pretend-

BELLA: Scout

SCOUT: -do you ever pretend that its not true, about us.  How about that dance?

They begin to Dance, but there is an awkward tension between them.

SCOUT: Bella, its going to be okay.

Paige comes out and sees them dancing.

PAIGE: Scout!

Bella and Scout pull apart.

PAIGE: You're blushing.

BELLA: uh I uh, I have to go.  

Cut to the Billiards Room

WILL: So is your boyfriend gonna be looking for you?

CAROLINE: Josh? he's not my boyfriend, he's my friendWhere's your date.

WILL: Oh, um she's just a friend too.

CAROLINE: so, where are you from?

WILL: Planet Earth

CAROLINE: I know what you mean, I've lived on three continents before I was twelve. So tell me how did you learn so much poetry?

WILL: The universe is a dictionary of information.

CAROLINE: Do I know you from St Barts?

WILL:  I'm seeing a tiny baby blue bikini.

CAROLINE: You better tell me, or I'm gonna

WILL: What?

CAROLINE: Do something naughty to you. Was it Posatano?

WILL: Nope

CAROLINE: the Vineyard?

WILL: Uh-uh.

CAROLINE: Oh my god, you went to school in Locus Valley, you were friends with Mitch Batton and that whole bunch.

Will laughs

CAROLINE: Its okay I don't like to brag about it either, they're a bunch of jerks, huh?

WILL: Look um..

CAROLINE: Will, will you be honest with me? Yesterday you were going to ask me to the Cotillion weren't you?

WILL: Yeah

CAROLINE: I was hoping you were.

WILL: Huh?

CAROLINE: Hey, will you dance with me? 

Cut to the Cotillion, where Grace is draped around a couple of Rawley boys.  She stands out in a bright red dress.

BELLA: Grace, what you doing here?

GRACE: Knitting a sweater, what does it look like I'm doing?

BELLA: What about the gas delivery?

GRACE: Thats at like midnight, chill out.

BELLA: That's great Grace, Cause we've got a whole six minutes.

GRACE: What!

BELLA: You are unbelievable

GRACE: I'll call them up, they can come tommorow

BELLA: theyre not delivering pizza grace, god its gonna take days to get another appointment, we can not afford this right now.

Bella runs off

GRACE: She's so uptight. 

Cut to Caroline and Will dancing on the terrace

WILL: Can I tell you something?


WILL: I wanted to talk to you from the second I saw you.

CAROLINE: and you thought if I could just meet that girl, then everything in my life would work out.

WILL: Something like that.

CAROLINE: We'll just have to wait and see, won't we.

Bella comes running out.  Will sees her.

WILL: Bella.

BELLA: Will!

WILL: Um, Caroline Bus, this is my date, Bella Banks.

CAROLINE: Nice to meet you.

BELLA: You tooWill I'm so sorry, there's a problem at the gas station, I have to go

WILL: Um Her dad's in oil.

BELLA: But, we're just friends so you guys stay and have fun, I'll see you later.

WILL: Hey Bella wait, I'm coming.

Will looks at her apologetically

CAROLINE: Go, off course, Go

WILL:  Look um, I'll call you tomorrow.

CAROLINE: yes call me, tomorrow, call me.

WILL: Bella wait up, I'm coming.

Caroline watches him leave, then notices that he's left his wallet behind, so she picks it up. 

Jake and Hamilton meet eyes.  They approach each other.

Music is 'That's no lie" by PEN Swing


JAKE: Hi, I need to talk to you


JAKE: Yeah, but not here.

HAMILTON:  I'm sorry I can't do this.

He leaves, then turns. Jake turns around and walks out. Hamilton changes his mind and goes after Jake.

Hamilton walks into the Men's room where Jake is and grabs her shoulders, he then lets her go and starts checking the stalls.

JAKE: What are you doing?

HAMILTON: Throwing Caution to the wind.

He grabs her and kisses her passionately

HAMILTON:  Oh my god, that was.

JAKE: I know, but this is not.

HAMILTON: it is, we're GAY.

JAKE: No, we're not Hamilton okay, I have, look I've got to tell you something alright, but you have to promise not to be pissed off at me alright?........I'm a girl

HAMILTON: what are you talking about?  Jake, stop it.

Jake starts to undo her shirt as she talks.

JAKE:  I'll prove it to you okay, You don't believe me? I am One Hundred Percent female, alright? I am obsessed with Sarah Mcloughlan, and I have a subscription to seventeen, and my favourite nail polish is Barely Pink, and I think I look fat in bikini's. 

They hear voices outside so Jake drags Hamilton into a stall as she opens her shirt to reveal the black bra she had on earlier..

JAKE: Okay and these are not fake.

Hamilton looks at her chest and quickly backs out of the stall and out of the bathroom. 

Bella is sitting on the handlebars of a bike that Will is riding on the way to the gas station.

BELLA: So My dad's in oil?

WILL: Well he is Bella, in a way.

BELLA: uh-huh, so you are crazy for her.

WILL: We were having fun.

BELLA: Getting to know each other?

WILL: Sort of.

BELLA: Come on Will, hurry.

They arrive just as the gas tanker truck is pulling away.

BELLA: Wait, wait wait a minute

WILL: Wait, no stop

It doesn't stop.


WILL:  Oh Bella I'm sorry, sorry Bella

Sean comes around the corner

BELLA:  Sean!

SEAN: Wow, you look Incredible.

BELLA What are you doing here?

SEAN: I was just hanging out, after the game and I saw the truck come, I knew you two were at the dance, and Grace is Grace. Uhh, here's the receipt for the gas.

BELLA: God, where have you been.

SEAN: I told ya, at the game.

WILL: All right guys that's my cue, I've got to get this bike back to Mrs. Haggerty before uh..

BELLA: Before it turns into a pumpkin?

WILL: I'll turn into a thief. Good night guys.

Will rides off

BELLA: Bye Will.

SEAN: So, how was it?

BELLA: It was nice, but I um, I never got to dance.

SEAN:. I'll ruin your outfit

BELLA: you didn't care when I was filthy

SEAN: I wasn't wearing a nice dress

BELLA: You have never looked better.

SEAN:  Besides, theres' no music.

Bella begins to sing "The Way You Look Tonight"

BELLA: Someday, when I'm awfully low, And the world is cold, I would feel a glow just thinking of you, and the way you look.. tonight.  

Music picks up with Julius La Rosa

Cut to Will's room.  He enters room to find Caroline standing there.

WILL:  Oh my god. what are you doing here? I was looking all over for you.

CAROLINE: You dropped this.

WILL: Oh, thank you.

CAROLINE: At first I was going to drop it off at your Cedar street address, then I thought I'd come here, and ask why you lied.

WILL:  Wait I didn't exactly lie to you-

CAROLINE: You concealed the truth, you made me think that I-

WILL: Look, its just.

CAROLINE: You didn't really see me in St Barts did you?

WILL: No, you seemed so set on finding a connection, I just, I guess I didn't think you'd be interested in me.

CAROLINE: You didn't really give me a chance did you, look Will if you trying to fit in with all the phonies around here, congratulations, you've succeeded.  

Cut to Hamilton laying on his bed, staring up into space.

Cut to Jake pacing around her room in her underwear.

Cut to Scout and Paige dancing at the Cotillion

Dissolve back to Sean and Bella dancing in front of the gas station. 

Cut to Jake's room.  She's wearing a wife beater and boxers, writing a letter to Hamilton.  Someone taps at the door, and she goes, peaks through the crack, then opens it too let Hamilton in.  He walks past her, then turns back.

HAMILTON:  I.. If you were a guy, I would punch you.

JAKE: Well that's the point, see I'm not

This kiss and the camera pans out the window

Cut to the Lawn at Rawle, where students are gathered for Finn's class. We see Scout, Paige, Caroline, Will and Lena, but no Jake or Hamilton.

FINN: Mathew Arnold's poem, Self Dependence, hopefully you've all read. In it he talks about a trip he's taking across the sea, why? Why was he going?

WILL: he was frustrated right, about who he was and where he belonged so he took the trip to understand that better.

FINN: Was the trip worthwhile?

WILL: well sort off, he got the answers from watching the stars, which he could of done that in his own backyard.  See he realized how the stars work by knowing how they fit into the universe, they don't exist by trying to be something else, or comparing themselves to other things, like Arnold was doing, like a lot of us do.

FINN:  Like all of us do, resolve to be thyself, and know that he who finds himself, loses his misery.

Will hands a note to Caroline that says 'HI my name is Will Krudski, and I'm from New Rawley'

Hamilton and Jake arrive, and sit at the back of the group.  Lena looks over at them and smiles to herself.


Will (voice over): Be yourself, what a cliché, we hear it over and over in literature, fairytales, songs, but we still don't get it, it might be because when we dream we don't worry whether the dream is worthy of us, but whether we're worthy of the dream. so we lose our identities in order to chase what we want, but if we can stay proud of who we are and not run from ourselves, then maybe our dreams, like the prince with the glass slipper will come find us  

Fade to Bella and Sean sitting Indian style on the dock kissing (with bottles of Coke at the knees.)