Original Airdate (WB): 09-AUG-2000


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Fade into Rawley. Some boys are leaning out windows, hanging a sign for the Regatta above the front door.

WILL: (voice over) Expectations. They change as we change. They're born of our biggest dreams and deepest fears. Sometimes we even inherit them. Lately I expect a lot of things which could lead to happiness or disappointment. But regardless, they'll being me closer to the truth.


Cut to the gas station, where Bella and Scout stand on either side of an old truck with it's hood up.

SCOUT: I don't wanna see your face no more

BELLA: Scout!

SCOUT: What?

BELLA: That's so easy. Lenny Kravitz, American Women. All right, my turn. All right, this is a hard one, you ready? When you're standing oh so near, I kind o floes my mind.

SCOUT: Oh, wait I know this.

BELLA: Well, apparently you don't Master C, and your break's up. Back to the griddle.

SCOUT: Oh, wait, I want an extension.

BELLA: Forget it!


BELLA: No way

SCOUT: Hey, uh, about what happened at the Cotillion, uh

BELLA: Paige think I'm scamming on her boyfriend?

SCOUT: She's confused. I mean, she doesn't know the truth. Neither do we

BELLA: Scout, yes we do. You're with Paige, I'm with Sean, and

SCOUT: And that's the way it is


SCOUT: All right. See you later?

BELLA: Yeah.

Scout leaves

Phone rings. Bella looks around and sees a cell phone lying on the ground. She answers it.

BELLA: Scout's phone. Oh, no he just left his phone over here, but I'm walking over to him right now. This is Bella. No, I don't work with him. Nope, don't go to Rawley Girls. Who may I ask is interrogating me? She pauses in the middle of the street, until a car honks and she goes into the diner. Oh, yeah, it's nice to meet you to


BELLA: Here it's for you

SCOUT: Oh, thanks

BELLA: It's your father

SCOUT: Hi. No, no dad, she's not my girlfriend.


Opening Credits


Fade back into the diner, where Scout and Bella sit at a front table drinking Cokes.

BELLA: Hey, how's it going

SCOUT: OK, how weird was that?

BELLA: Yup, weird

SCOUT: The thing is, remember how I said he wasn't coming up for parent's weekend? He's coming. Today

BELLA: Great, see you Monday

SCOUT: Bella, this is serious. What am I gonna say to him?

BELLA: How bout "Hey dad, you look really great, and I have a little surprise for you your daughter."

SCOUT: Ok, I get it, you don't want to meet him.

BELLA: Right, I don't want to meet him.

SCOUT: I got it.

BELLA: Cause it would just be completely bizarre, you know?

SCOUT: OK. I guess I better get back to work. See you Monday

BELLA: Yeah, see ya.


Cut to Jake's room. She is sitting desk using her laptop.

Music is "The One" by Idol

COMPUTER: You've got mail

JAKE: Oh no!

Jake runs downstairs to where Hamilton is sitting in the common room.


JAKE: My mom's coming

HAMILTON: Oh my god

JAKE: She takes five minutes away from the stage to come see me, only I'm not me, I'm someone I invented to mess with her head to make her realize she doesn't know me at all. That's why I did this, to get her attention, to get her to notice.

HAMILTON: Think she'll notice?

JAKE: She's self-centered, she's not blind.

HAMILTON: If you get caught, you get booted, and I never see you again.

JAKE: She thinks I go to Rawley Girls. What am I gonna do?


JAKE: Oh my god. I've gotta shave my legs!


Cut to Will and Scout's room. There's a knock at the open door.

WILL: Senator Calhoun?


WILL: Yes, sir, nice to meet you, come on in.

SENATOR: Thanks.

WILL: Scout'll be back any second.

SENATOR: And it all comes rushing back. The kid who used to live in this room when I went to Rawley, he lived to torture me

WILL: Sounds like a jerk

SENATOR: Yeah, he was. But after years of Ben-Gay in my jockstrap I finally got him back.

WILL: Nair in his shampoo?

SENATOR: No, I whipped his butt in the '94 election.

WILL: Laughs. That's cool.

SENATOR: So Will, where are you from?

WILL: Uh, here actually. On scholarship.

SENATOR: It's not easy to get a scholarship to Rawley.




SENATOR: You look great. So- gestures to the crew logo on Scout's shirt

SCOUT: Oh yeah, we're in, we're in.

WILL: Yeah, best qualifying time in three years.

SENATOR: Well that's fantastic

Finn comes down the hall and sticks his head into the room.

FINN: Hey, good work today you guys

SCOUT: Thanks. Oh, Finn, this is my dad. Dad, this is our fearless leader

FINN: Senator Calhoun. Your boat still holds the record.

SENATOR: That's right, since 1977.

FINN: Well, Jr. Varsity actually has a pretty good shot this year

SENATOR: Well, it's good to meet you.

FINN: You too. See you guys later, see you at the Regatta.

SCOUT: Later Finn

WILL: See ya

SENATOR: So, uh, is your father coming?

WILL: Um, actually,

SCOUT: Dad you are looking at one of the most impressive rowers on the junior division crew team

SENATOR: Well, thank god for the Will Krudskis of this world. Now, here's what I'm thinking. Fannies

WILL: Oh my god they have the best lobster rolls ever.

SENATOR: So you're with us today, huh?


Cut to Will riding his bike up to the beauty shop. He gets off and goes inside and greets the stylists and customers, who he obviously knows well.

Music is playing, title unknown.

WILL: Hey ladies

MRS. KRUDSKI: Oh, look who's gracing us with his presence. Mr. Regatta extraordinaire.

WILL: Hey you know, you all better come out, because the junior division at Rawley has never finished first in this race.

MRS. KRUDSKI: Well, maybe you'll make history.

MRS. KRUDSKI: Hey, how's it going?

WILL: I met Scout's dad today. You know he crewed at Rawley and his boat still holds the league record.

MRS. KRUDSKI: Impressive

WILL: And then we went out to Fannies and had some lobster rolls. He let me and Scout drive his new Mercedes. His mom gives him a look. In the parking lot. He really is the coolest guy

MRS. KRUDSKI: Is he? You know what, you need a haircut? Come on, in the bowl mister.

MRS. KRUDSKI: You know, your dad was cleaning out the attic the other day, he found a box of your old trophies, books and journals. Thought you might want to take a look at them.

WILL: Surprised he didn't burn them and then blame it on me like he does everything else.


WILL: Stop sticking up for him

MRS. KRUDSKI: I'm not. He just, I don't know, he hasn't had the opportunities that you have.

WILL: And that's my fault? The guy can't even stand to have a conversation with me.

MRS. KRUDSKI: That's not true, he just doesn't know how.

WILL: Yeah right. They're called words mom.


Cut to Jake's room. She's wearing a pink dress. Hamilton is sitting in a chair with his hand over his eyes.

JAKE: You can open your eyes. Wha-at?


JAKE: Really? Huh. Well. It's one of the only things I could find in town.


JAKE: Laughs. All right. She holds up a necklace.


JAKE: Yeah?

HAMLITON: Last week the only time I thought I'd see you in a dress would be at the gay pride parade.

Music begins. "This Year's Love" by David Gray

JAKE: Yeah, well, my mom likes me in pastels. You know I had a dress like this when I was six. My mom sent it to me from Paris, she was there doing Grisebella in Cats on the European tour for six months. I couldn't wait to wear it for her, but by the time she had gotten back, I'd out grown it

HAMILTON: Yeah, sweet story. Come here

They kiss.


Cut to the gas station. Bella is still working on the same truck.

BELLA: All right, give it a crank

CHARLIE: That's my girl

Charlie gets out and stands her leaning under the hood.

BELLA: So, it's the big weekend, when I get to defend my title


BELLA: What' your guess? How many Mercedes are gonna come through our station for the Regatta? I'm gonna say 20.

BELLA: I'll say 25.

Car honks and pulls up. It's a Mercedes

BELLA: Numero Uno


Still at the gas station, a little while later. Scout rides up on his bike.

Music is still 'This year's Love" by David Gray.

SCOUT: I guess you're just what I needed.

BELLA: What?

SCOUT: Just what I needed, the song, the Cars.

BELLA: Oh. I would be impressed if it didn't take you five hours to figure it out.

SCOUT: So this is what I'm think. I think it's crazy you don't want to meet him.

BELLA: Crazy to who? You?

SCOUT: Listen my dad our dad is the most amazing supportive intelligent guy that I've ever known, so yes, I think it's crazy you don't want to meet him. Come on Bella, he's here, in town, in the flesh. Let's tell him.

BELLA: I have a dad. The guy who didn't sleep for four days straight when I had a concussion. The guy who taught me how to tune up a car so I could be self sufficient. The guy who didn't run when my mother did. Maybe you should stop thinking about yourself and realize this is my decision.

SCOUT: Don't tell me you haven't thought about just once meeting him face to face. Answering all those questions I know you have in your head.

BELLA: You know me so well, do you?

SCOUT: It's not a bad family to belong to. I don't know what you're afraid of.

BELLA: Have you ever thought, Scout, I mean, just for a second, that he may not want to meet me?



Cut to Will and Scout standing at the end of the dock.

SCOUT: So what did you leave it with Caroline?

WILL: We're gonna play it cool. It just might happen. You know, I don't want to push it, you know? Just kind of laying low.

SCOUT: Yeah, I think I made that same mistake with Bella

WILL: What do you mean?

SCOUT: She doesn't wanna meet my dad. Oh, OK, I'm not saying it's not gonna be weird at first, but you know, like, after the minute they meet each other, it's gonna be OK, that's just the way my dad is.

WILL: So what're you gonna do.

SCOUT: I don't know. Everytime I'm with him, there's, like, an 800 pound gorilla in the room

WILL: Laughs. I know what you mean, at my house I'm dealing with the whole zoo.

SCOUT: Yeah. Bella's just afraid he's not gonna like her

WILL: Everybody likes Bella. It's one thing to be liked, it's another to be accepted. Wanna go get something to eat?

SCOUT: Hmm, yeah.


Cut to the driveway of Rawley Girls. Jake is standing in the doorway in a hideous peach polkadot dress when her mom pulls up in a red Jaguar.

MONICA: (on cell phone) Look I haven't even read the script yet. I'll be in New York Sunday night, we can talk about it then. Listen I have to go, yes someone more important. Hello? Don't tell me I'm to old to play Dorothy. Diana Ross was like, 50, when they made the Wiz. They're going with Tiffani-Amber Theissan.

JAKE: Ooh.

MONICA: That'll be cute. You're hair, it's so short.

JAKE: Yeah, well, it was getting the way of my life.

MONICA: It's fresh, I like it.

JAKE: What?

MONICA: Nothing. I just didn't realize how much I missed you. Missed this, missed us.

JAKE: Us. Yeah

MONICA: So, shall we go inside? I wanna meet your roommate. Is she like some suicidal pierced goth like

JAKE: You know she

HAMILTON: running up to them. Ms. Pratt.


HAMILTON: Welcome. I'm Hamilton Fleming. The dean, ah asked me to personally escort you and Jake-

JAKE: -queline. Jacqueline.

HAMILTON: Jacqueline. Oh. You and Jacqueline on a tour of the grounds

MONICA: That sounds great. But first, direct me to the ladies room. I need some lips and eyes. So Hamilton, tell me about the student body.

HAMILTON: Well, Ms. Pratt-

MONICA: Monica, please.


Cut to Will's room at his house. He is putting some stuff in a box when his dad walks in and sets down a tackle box, and starts measuring the wall.

WILL: Where's mom?

BRIAN: She's out.

WILL: Just came by to get my stuff


WLL: Then I'll just get this stuff and get out of here. Then you can pretend I never existed.

He drops the box and spills some stuff out onto the floor. He bends to pick it up.

BRIAN: And why not, since your own family isn't good enough for you?

WILL: Not the whole family, Dad.

Will starts to pick up his stuff, and his mom comes in.

MRS. KRUDSKI: Brain? Will, hey.

WILL: Hey.

MRS. KRUDSKI: Did you have lunch? Why don't I make you a sandwich. Come downstairs with me.

WILL: It's OK, Mom, I've gotta get back.


Cut to the driveway at Rawley Girls. Hamilton, Jake, and her mom are just finishing the tour.

JAKE: Uh, look, Hamilton. Thank you, for everything.

HAMILTON: No problem. It was very nice to meet you miss..,.

MONICA: Monica


MONICA: Nice meeting you. And Hamilton, don't forget, if you email me some of your photos I'll get them to Peter Beard when I see him in New York.

HAMILTON: Thank you.

MONICA: It's great that you have an artistic output that you're passionate about, and good at. I always tell Jacqueline that.

JAKE: Yeah, that's easy for you to say, you master everything you do. She played Lady MacBeth in three different languages.


MONICA: You know, if you don't already have plans, why don't you come with Jacqueline and me to the Rawley Girls' luncheon tomorrow.


MONICA: At noon.

JAKE: Oh god


HAMILTON: I have the first heat of the Regatta at the exact same time.

JAKE: Yeah, I head about that. You know mom, noon is such a weird time to eat lunch, why don't we do it at two, or three.

MONICA: Honey, it's not a coffee shop, it's a planned event.

JAKE: Right

Hamilton starts to walk away.

HAMILTON: Well, I'd better be going. I'm sure I'll see you around. I'll send you those pictures.

MONICA: He likes you

JAKE: Mom, I don't even know him. But, a whoa whoa whoa, wait. You think so

MONICA: Oh yeah. Listen, tomorrow I'm all yours, I promise.

Cell phone rings and she drives away.

MONICA: Hello. Hold on Ange, let me get a pen.

She pauses and looks out the window to see Jake running towards Rawley Boys.


Cut to the diner, that night. Bella is sitting at the counter.

WILL: Two cheeseburgers to go, and some extra fries, since we're closing.

BELLA: Mmm, thanks Will. So where's Scout?

WILL: Ah he's with his dad


WILL: He seems really cool

BELLA: Oh, yeah, I'm sure.

WILL: He has this way of making you feel important and included ro something

BELLA: So what's he look like?

WILL: Like a Senator.

BELLA: Silver hair, navy suit?

WILL: Ah, no, brown hair, khakis.

BELLA: Does he look like Scout?

WILL: Haha. Kind of.

BELLA: Does he look like

WILL: Bella. I know you said that you didn't want to meet him, but

BELLA: Look at my dad. He's so crazy.

WILL: Bella, I used to have this picture in my head of what the perfect relationship with my dad would be like. How he'd always be there, always show up, always say the right things, but he never has. And he never will. But I'll tell you something I never tell anybody. I leave a little room of possibility that one day he'll be that guy, cause you just never know, right?

BELLA: Will.

WILL: Look, I'm no expert on dads. But that's what you have, Bella. A little piece of possibility. Meeting Senator Calhoun wouldn't take anything away from what you have with Charlie. Your fries are getting cold.

BELLA: Thanks, Will. Bye


Cut to Will and Scout's room at night. Scout is there alone when Bella comes in.

BELLA: Ok, so I changed my mind.


BELLA: I wanna meet him.


BELLA: But on my terms, tomorrow at the Regatta.

SCOUT: Great, great.

BELLA: And my dad can't know about this. Cause it would crush him

SCOUT: You got it

BELLA: Ok. So, tomorrow.


Cutt to the Rawley Girls' Luncheon the next day.

JAKE: Um. Ah. This is great, but ah, don't you think you should get back to New York right, like now?

MONICA: Can I ask you something?


MONICA: Why did you pretend that you and Hamilton don't know each other when it's clear that's not the case?

JAKE: What're you talking about?

MONICA: Are you sleeping with him?

JAKE: What?

MONICA: I saw you heading over to his dorm yesterday. We can talk about it.


MONICA: Sex. Let's talk about sex.

Music begins, the first two lines of "Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt N Pepa

JAKE: Mom, I'm not having it. I'm not

Cue next three lines.

MONICA: Penis, vagina, intercourse. You've gotta get comfortable with these words, and with me.

JAKE: Yeah.

Cell phone rings, and Monica picks up.

MONICA: Hello? Bonjour Raul. to Jake: I'll be a minute. To Raul: Oui.

JAKE: Um, I gotta pee and I gotta return a book

Mom laughs on the phone as song continues to play on chorus. Jake runs off up the stairs.



Cut to Jake and Hamilton riding in a speedboat across the lake. Jake is changing into her crew outfit, Ham is driving.

HAMILTON: What took you so long?


HAMILTON: jerks the boat in shock. Sorry.

JAKE: You know, she knows about us

HAMILTON: But we're not-

JAKE: Having it, I know


JAKE: I mean, I haven't ever done it.

HAMILTON: Me neither! I mean, I've come close.

JAKE: Really? You haven't?

HAMILTON: We gotta practice. Um, I mean, we gotta, we gotta get to practice.


Cut to the dock, where the crew team is waiting. Jake and Hamilton get in line, and Hamilton reaches up to wipe off Jake's lipstick. Will notices, but doesn't say anything.

FINN: Nice of you to join us boys. Alright, one foot in and down.

Cut between scenes of crew team rowing and the crowd cheering. Rawley wins by a long shot.

FINN: Yeah! Yes. Way to go guys. The blast off race is this afternoon at four. Good work, good work.


Cut to the dock, where the boys come running ashore to be greeted by their parents.

FINN: Krudski. Not spending time with your folks between races?

WILL: Um, it'll just be my mom, but she can't make it till later.

FINN: Oh, you're dad can't make it?

WILL: He could if he wanted to.

FINN: I'm sorry Will. Nothing's changed, huh?

WILL: Not even. He ahs this thing where he thinks I think I'm better than he is.

FINN: Well are you?

WILL: I don't know. I'm not gonna convince him otherwise. He just has a problem with everything, let him stay home. I've got nothing to say to him.

FINN: Doesn't sound like that to me.


Cut to Hamilton and Jake racing back across the lack.

Music: "The One" by Idol

Cut to Jake running back down to the table at the luncheon.


MONICA: Ok, then, I'll see you at the Tony's.

MONICA: Thought I was gonna have to call out the reserves

JAKE: Sorry, sorry.

MONICA: So, you and Hamilton.

JAKE: Ugh, mom, it's new, that's all.

MONICA: Oh. Are you embarrassed of me?


MONICA: Well then I just don't get it. Why on earth would you pretend you don't know someone that you do know just for my benefit? Why the charade?

MONICA: You are a most unusual girl

JAKE: Yeah, that's what some people say.

MONICA: Ok. Come on, then.

JAKE: Where're we going?

MONICA: The Regatta. Don't you want to see Hamilton win?

JAKE: Yeah, I, I yeah, But I thought you had to get back to New York, you know, you know soon.

MONICA: Jacqueline, I'm not gonna embarrass you. I'll sit quietly. Watch. And turn my cell phone off, promise. And honey, you might want to freshen up that lipstick.


Cut to Scout and his dad walking in the woods along the edge of the lake.

SENATOR: You know the first year I went here there was no Rawley Girls' School.

SCOUT: I didn't know that

SENATOR: Yeah, so every weekend we would hit the town and chase the local girls. And they were pretty cute.

SCOUT: They still are

SENATOR: So what about you? You seeing anyone?

SCOUT: Ah- I met this girl. She's uh, smart, beautiful, she's from New Rawley.

SENATOR: So what the problem?

SCOUT: Well, It's a big problem.

SENATOR: What is it?

SCOUT: She's my sister.

SENATOR: Sis-a ha haha. Yeah, that would definitely be a problem.

SCOUT: Yeah. Yeah, her mom is named Donna. You know, she's from here. You knew her.

SENATOR: What're you talking about?

SCOUT: She knew you. She had a daughter.

SENATOR: What're you, joking?

SCOUT: She's 15 years old, and her mom is gone. She wants to meet you

SENATOR: OK, so what you're telling me is that there's some crazy girl running around town claiming to be my daughter.

SCOUT: hey, she's not crazy.

SENATOR: Come on Scout, give me a break. I can't believe you're taking this person seriously.

SCOUT: All right, well, tell me this. When you came back for homecoming, were you with a girl named Donna?

SENATOR: Stop it

SCOUT: I need to know, was there a girl named Donna?

SENATOR: I knew a lot of girls son.

SCOUT: How many, Dad?

LOUDSPEAKER: Welcome to the final heat of the first Regatta, the junior varsity event. Teams New Rawley and St. Joe's should be on the docks now.

SCOUT: Well, I think you've got a speech to make.

Scout's dad walks away.

RANDOM PARENT: Senator, nice to see you


BELLA: Scout!

SCOUT: Look at you all dressed up.

BELLA: Oh, yeah, I had, like, no clean jeans, so. So I guess we'd better get this over with.

SCOUT: Uh, actually I didn't say anything to him.

BELLA: What?

SCOUT: About you. I didn't mention anything

BELLA: OK, so we're gonna tell him together.

SCOUT: Uh, no.

BELLA: Then how're we gonna do this?

SCOUT: It's kind of just bad timing, you know, just in general.


SCOUT: Well no, it's just because he has a whole campaign coming up, know what I mean? He's under a lot of pressure, a lot of stress. I just want things to be perfect when we do this, you know?

BELLA: No, yeah, no I understand, yeah, it's find. I'm actually more relieved. I was only doing this to get me off my back.

SCOUT: Yeah, that's what I thought.

BELLA: Well, I'd stay for the race but I have all this work to do. So, um, see ya when I see ya.

SCOUT: When I see you.

BELLA: Oh, I almost forgot. I thought of a good one. Motoring, what's your price for flight and finding Mr. Right. And you'll be all right tonight.

SCOUT: What is that?

BELLA: Night Ranger, sister Christian. Yeah. They gave up too soon Master Scout.

Cue music: "Sail Away" by David Gray.


Camera pans across the lakeside to a podium in front of the bleachers where Scout's dad is giving a speech.

SENATOR CALHOUN: Whatever else our accomplishments, it is our children who most clearly embody our potential. We hope they take from us our best qualities, and that they learn from our mistakes. They are our true measure of our success. So, as you compete in this final race, I want to wish you all good luck. Ok, so let's hit it!


Cut to the dock as Jake comes running up.

SCOUT: Pratt, thanks for showing up.

HAMILTON: Hey, lay off.

SCOUT: Ooh, look at the little love birds.

JAKE: What's up your butt Calhoun? I had a family thing.

SCOUT: I've been dealing with my dad all day you guys.

JAKE: Yeah, well, I don't have a dad so I'm not dealing with one.

HAMILTON: And mine lives here and I haven't seen him all weekend.

WILL: Rich kids, dealing with mommy/daddy problems. My heart weeps.

FINN: Gentlemen. There is an obstacle to winning here today. And it's you Mr. Krudski.

WILL: What? Hey, I was just-

FINN: And you Mr. Calhoun. And you, and you, and you. Each one of you possesses not only the ability to win, but also the ability to keep yourselves from achieving that victory. Yes, this race is important. But not to prove that we're better than St. Joseph's- though we are- but to prove that each one of you are better than the personal obstacles that stand in front of you. Tall order. But understand that, and you won't just be winners in today's race. Let's go win.

RAWLEY BOY: Let's go!

Cheering crowd.

Cut to the race, still to the music of "Sail Away." Scenes of the crowd are interspersed, and we see Will's mom, Senator Calhoun, and Jake's mom sitting alone. It's close, but Rawley wins. The guys run ashore and hug family members.


MRS. KRUDSKI: You were amazing

WILL: Thank you mom

MRS. KRUDSKI: I'm sorry. About yesterday

WILL: Yeah, me too.

MRS. KRUDSKI: Will, he's just afraid, that's all.

WILL: Afraid of what?


WILL: What, that I'm gonna fail?

MRS. KRUDSKI: No, that you're gonna succeed. You're everything he never felt as good as.

WILL: Mom, I don't wanna be that person.

MRS. KRUDSKI: You can't help it.

RAWLEY BOY: Hey, Will, come on.

WILL: Um, look, I gotta go it's the team photo.


Team photo is taken, camera shows close up of the guys. As they break pose, Will sees his dad standing in front of his truck in the parking lot. He tries to get to him, but gets stuck in the crowd.

FINN: Congratulations. Way to go. Good, you earned it, way to go.

SCOUT: Thanks Finn.

RAWLEY BOY: Congratulations you guys. Good job, Krudski.

Will is able to break way, but his father is already turning to go.

WILL: Dad!

His dad doesn't come over, he goes back to his truck, gets in, and drives away.


Fade to an isolated secton of the shore, where Scout approaches his dad.


SENATOR: Hey. So, I'd be willing to bet our record's gonna be broken by the end of the summer.

SCOUT: Oh, I don't know, it's a pretty tall order.

SENATOR: So listen, about today-


SENATOR: No, I'm sorry I reacted so strongly. I just want you to know that we're in this together, all right? And out of respect for you, I will leave no stone unturned and we will get to the bottom of this, I promise.

SCOUT: Well, actually, I just came her to say that you were right. That girl, she was what you thought.

SENATOR: You wanna talk about it?

SCOUT: No, not really

SENATOR: But we're ok, right, you and me?

SCOUT: Listen I've made some mistakes in my life. That's what I was trying to say earlier. You understand?

Cue music "Please forgive me" by David Gray. Plays until the end of the episode


Cut to the driveway outside of Rawley Girls.

JAKE: Mom, I'm so sorry you had to sit there by yourself.

MONICA: Look we have a history of you not telling me what's going on in your life.

JAKE: Mom, it's -

MONICA: Let me finish. I'm not gonna start tell you what to do at this point. You've never needed me to before. I'm just telling you you're different.

JAKE: Not really.

MONICA: You are. You're, you're happy. Whatever you're doing, keep it up. It's working.

MONICA: That dress. It's pretty on you. Didn't you have one like that when you were little?

JAKE: Yeah, I did.

MONICA: You know, if you decide you need me, I'm just a phone call away.

JAKE: Yeah, and thank god for voice mail.

MONICA: True. See ya.

JAKE: Take care.

Jake waves as her mom drives away.


Cut to Scout looking at the lake through a window in the Rawley common room.

WILL: Reliving the glory?

SCOUT: Something like that. It's been a weird couple of days, man.

WILL: So, Bella never came around, huh?

SCOUT: yeh, let's just say they never met.

WILL: Sorry.

SCOUT: For a long time, I thought my dad was perfect. And it's weird to suddenly see him as this whole different person, you know?

WILL: Yeah, it is weird.

SCOUT: I thought getting older would feel better than this.

WILL: It will. I'm pretty sure.


Cut to the gas station. A car is ready to pay.

BELLA: I got it, Dad.

Bella takes the man's credit card and goes inside. She sees the name on it- John Calhoun. She peeks out the window to study him. She brings the slip back out for him to sign, and is staring at him as he signs it.

BELLA: Thanks.

Senator Calhoun gets in his car and drives away. Charlie comes over to stand next to Bella.

CHARLIE: 25 Mercedes. Looks like you won, honey.


Cut to the middle of the rotary, where Will, Bella, and Scout are sitting on edge of the raised garden.

WILL: (voice over) Expectations. They change as we change. They're born of our biggest dreams and deepest fears. Sometimes we even inherit them Sometimes they bring us moments we don't anticipate. The ones that make you think and stop and take inventory, and give you a better understand of where you're at and where you're headed and ultimately, create new expectations.