1X06 - GONE
Original Airdate (WB): 16-AUG-2000


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She's writing a letter.

BELLA (V.O.):  Dear Senator Calhoun, it's almost impossivle to know where to start...

As he voice-over cross dissolves, her words MOVE acroos the SCREEN: The truth your eyes you voicestrong and loving this letter I exist

BELLA (V.O.)Lcont'd) And.. I'm your daughter.

Then Bella's face.  Her voice over.  Her handwritten words.  The paper.  The music.  Dissolve into each other, and finally

End on a clean tableau of bella.  Sitting at the desk in the gas station.  Still writing.  Contemplative.

Cut to the diner, where Scout, Hamilton, and Jake are sitting at the counter eating ice cream.

SCOUT: Cameron kills Julia

HAMILTON: OH. Totally.

JAKE: Okay.  Here's one: Chloe Sevigny or Hilary Swank?

SCOUT: I think, Chole.

HAMILTON: Nah.  Hialry.  Definitely Hilary

Which evokes a smile from Jake as Will ENTERS, having heard the last bit of the conversation

WILL: Clinton?


WILL: Of course.

HAMILTON: Now Debutante or down home girl?

Scout starts to respond.  Hamilton cuts him off

HAMILTON> (cont'd): (to Scout) Debutante, right?

Scout doesn't respond.  Something out the window has caught his eye.  It's Bella, of course.  The look isn't lost on Hamilton.  Will crossses. To him. 

HAMILTON: (cont'd) Or maybe not.

WILL: (quiet, between them): Hello? Earth to inest boy.

SCOUT: That's so not funny Will.

WILL: (to Hamilton) I think he's on the fence.  (to Scout) Why don't you go ask her to join us?

SCOUT: I'm working.

WILL: I'll cover you.

Cut to the interior of the gas station.  Bella's just put the letter in an envelope.  The door opens, startling here.  It's Scout.  She hastily shoves the envelope into her jacket pocket on the chair behind her.

BELLA: (busted) What are youdoing here?

SCOUT: A bunch of us are at the diner, thought I'd see if

BELLA: -- so you just barge right in here, without knocking?


BELLA: -- you do realize this is like, my house, Scout

SCOUT: But this is the garage.  You live upstairs.

BELLA:-- whatever.  You just shouldn't sneak up on someone like that.

SCOUT: Um, are you okay?

BELLA: (defensive) I'm fine

SCOUT: Well.  I just came over because I thought you looked lonely.

Grace comes into the room.

GRACE: (to Scout)  I get lonely.  You never visit me.

BELLA: Grace.  Lay low.

Just then, the SERVICE BELL DINGS.  Bella storms out.  Grace SPOTS Bella's jacket.

GRACE: Toss me that jacket, Scouty.

He does

GRACE (cont'd) Buh-bye.

She EXITS.  Off Scout, still a little overwhelmed and confused by this Bella encounter.

Cut to the exterior of the gas station.  Bella is servicing the car that just pulled in.  A sleek RANGE ROVER whips into the station, MUSIC BLARING.  Grace climbs into the car, which is full of RAWLEY BOYS.

GRACE: (out the window) See y' later, I borrowed you jacket!

Bella SPINS around, just in time to see the range Rover peeling away, and Grace leaning out the window wearing her jacket.

BELLA: No, no no!  Grace, Grace!  There''s something in the pocket!

As the Range Rover disappears in the distance.

BELLA (cont'd): (freaking) The letter

Off Bella, freaked out, we


Fade into exterior of the gas station.  That same Range Rover pulls into the station as Bella LOOKS OUT THE WINDOW and SEES THEM.  She quickly disappears from the window.  Grace gets out of the car, giggly and punch drunk with fatigue.  She blows a kiss to the BOYS inside.

GRACE: Later, gators.

The car drives off as Bella FLIES OUT THE FRONT DOOR, intercepting Grace

BELLA: Grace.  It's six o'clock in the morning!  Where's my jacket and where the hell have you been all night, I've been all over town looking for you

GRACE: Relax, we stayed up playing cards.  Who are you, my moher

BELLA: --Where is my JACKET?!

GRACE; I do't know, what's the big deal

She pushes her agsinst the wall

BELLA: GraceI will shred you if you don't get me that jacket NOW! WHERE IS IT?!

GRACE: (seeing Bella's serious) Wow.  Okay.  Relax.  God.  It's just a jacket. (then) I think I left it at Joe's

BELLA: --Joe's?  Oh, playing cards?? You were gambling at Joe's!? Grace, what're you thinking?!? (heads for the door) Alright!  I'm going to Joe's--.

GRACE: Wait(searching) Maybe it's not at Joe's.  No.  Now I remember.  I think it's in one of the dorm rooms at Rawley

BELLA: Whose!?!

GRACE: This British guy.  Ryder.  God!

BELLA: Grace, If I don't get that jacket back

Cut to Ryder's dorm room.  A poker game is in progress.  Ryder and his three CRONIES are playing cards.  Ryder OPENS his hand REVEALING a straight he HOWLS in victory as

RYDER: Yes!! A straight, gentlemen

Just then, we SEE Will WALKING BY the room in the hall, carrying his laptop.  He STOPS.  Looks in at the commotion as Ryder THROWS his cards down and collects the cash from the center of the table Ryder looks up, SPOTS WILL.

RYDER (cont'd): Madame Krudski.  Care to join us?

WILL: Wouldn't wanna' take your money, Ryder, be way too easy

RYDER: Oh, right.  Of course,  you've got that thing.  That "I'm so poor, please take pity on me" thing. (to the guys) Maybe she doesn't play poker. (then to Will)  How's about Old Maid?

They all laugh.  As WILL MOVES ON

WILL: Amateurs.

RYDER: (calling out) Krudski?!?  I'll ante up for you.  You're in.

WILL: Forget it.

RYDER: Oh, come on Willy.  Don't be a poofter.

The other guys ad-lib, goading Will to play.

RYDER (cont'd) Well?  Come on then.

Will smiles.  Can't resist.  Sits down at the table.  Takes his cards.  The all look at their hands.  Then

WILL: Three cards.

Ryder deals him three.  Deals the others.  Then himself.  A BEAT.  Ryder looks at the cronies.  Smiles.  Conspiratorially.  Looks at Will.

WILL (cont'd): check

RYDER: check

The cronies look up.

RYDER (cont'd): Let's see 'em.

They throw their hands down, revelaing Will's hand: A PAIR OF KINGS and a PAIR OF THREES.  Ryder has A PAIR OF JAKCS.

RYDER (cont'd): Lucky draw, Willy.  Congrats.

He pushes the pot towards Will.

RYDER (cont'd): One more?

WILL: Why not?

Will deals the next hand as we DISSOLVE TO

WILL, REVEALING another hand.  TRIP SEVENS>  he takes the pot.  DISSOLVE TO

Will REVEALING another hand.  A STRAIGHT: 7,8,9,10, JACK.  Ryder REVEALS his hand.  Also a straight: 2,3,4,5,6.  Will takes the pot.  DISSOLVE TO

Ryder, REVEALING another hand.  Pair of Aces.  And a pair of threes.  Will REVEALS his hand.  A FLUSH.  Five diamonds.  Will takes the pot

RYDER DEALING another hand.  Everybody looks at their cards.  A BEAT.  Then

RYDER: bet of check?

WILL: (looks at his cards) bet

He tosses in twenty bucks.  The other three fold in turn.

RYDER: (throws in forty) Raise you twenty.

WILL: (throws in sixty) Raise you forty.

Ryder throws in forty

RYDER: I'll call.

He tosses in forty bucks.

RYDER (cont'd): How many cards you want?


Ryder deals Will two.  Deals himself one.  They both look at their cards.  Then

RYDER: Bet is to you, Will.

WILL: (throws in one hundred bucks) One hundred bucks.

Ryder fiddles with his cards.  Then

RYDER: raise you one hundred.

He throws in two hundred.  Will looks at him.  Then

WILL: Raise you another hundred.

Ryder looks at him.

RYDER: Let's make this interesting.

He counts his money left in front of him.  Throw it all into the pot.

RYDER (cont'd): Raise you FIVE HUNDRED.

Will counts his money.  He only has fifty bucks left.  He looks at Ryder.  Ryder stares him down.  Then

WILL: I call

RYDER: Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're a working boy, aren't ya, Krydski?  If you're bluffing

WILL: -- why don't you worry about your own cards and shut your crumpet?

RYDER: sassy.  I like that.  Still, I hafta' ensuer that you've got the money.  You realize, if I win, you'll owe me 500 bucks?

Will GRABS his laptopputs it on the table.

WILL: My laptop as collateral.

RYDER: That abacus?

WILL: It's worth 500 bucks.  Trust me, I'm still paying it off.

Ryder smiles.  Shows his hand.

RYDER: Straight flush.

Will looks at him in disbelief.  Shows his hand.  FOUR KINGS,

RYDER (cont'd): (laughs) You're good.  But not good enough.  (he grabs Will's computer) Don't cry, Willy.  Get my the cash.  You can have it back.


FINN APPEARS in the doorway.  The guys hide all the traces of the gambling and pretend to be playing

RYDER (cont'd):Runny!

Ryder smiles at Finn, who rolls his eyes.  Not buying it for a second.

FINN: (suspicious) What's happening, guys?

EVERYONE: (covering) hey Finn.

He looks at the table.  SEES the cards

FINN: I don't see any showgirls, so this must not be Vegas or Atlantic City.  Which means, what you're gambling with is your summer here at Rawley.

Everyone knows what he means.  Finn looks at them.  Then, at Will

FINN (cont'd): Everything okay, Mr. Krudski?

WILL: (yes) Uh-huh.

Finn EXITS. Off Will, wondering where in the hell he's gonna get

Cut to the interior of the Rawley common room later that morning.  Will, Scout, Hamilton, and Jake are all hanging out.

SCOUT (O.S.):  Five hundred dollars?!

SCOUT: And you put up your laptop?

HAMILTON: Bold move.

WILL: A stupid move.  But I had four kings.  He had a straight flush.

SCOUT: You should just take it back.

JAKE: Scout's right.  You shouldn't have to pay.  Ryder's a total jerkoff.

WILL: Jerk-off or not, I made the bet.

SCOUT: With what?  I mean, we're not exactly raking in dough at the diner.

HAMILTON: Hey-- I'm starved

JAKE: Me too.

HAMILTON: If you need to borrow any money, there're plently of people here with a lot more than me. Seriously, man I'm happy to help you out with whatever I can.

JAKE: Dito

WILL: Thanks guys, I can handle it.

Jake and Hamilton leave.

WILL (cont'd): I'll work extra shifts.  Guess I won't be taking Caroline Busse out to dinner anytime soon.

SCOUT: Will, this is ridiculous.  Even with extra shifts, it's gonna take you like a month to pay him off.  You're gonna need your computer before then.

WILL: I can use the computers in the lab.

SCOUT: I'll loan you the money.  You can pay me back, instead of Ryder.  What's the difference?

WILL: I don't wanna drag you, or anybody else, into this.  So, thakns, but I'll deal.

SCOUT:  Okay.  I'm here.  If you need it.  I'm gonna hit the shower.

Scout starts to leave, then turns back

SCOUT (cont'd): Oh.  By the way.  Jake and Hamilton???

WILL: Oh, yeh.  Definitely.

Cut to the interior of Jake's room.  Jake and Hamilton are lying on her bed together, reading magazines.  She has her head on his stomach.

HAMILTON: Oh. NO.  Definitely not.

JAKE: Yeah, they have no idea we're together.

HAMILTON: No.  They would never think that about me.

JAKE: No, not you.  The tower of testosterone, the monument of masculinity.


JAKE: Come onyou know, you totally dig boys.  That's why you like me.


JAKE: I'm messing with your head, dude.

They kiss and fall back on the bed together.

HAMILTON: You are.  So's this whole situation.

JAKE: Ok.  Let's go on a date then, my manly man.  Today.  We can just take my bike and go.  Be alone together.  Go out to lunch

HAMILTON: But I have that lacrosse team meeting

JAKE: And I'll wear a dress and these

She hold us a pair of Prada heels.


Cut to Will and Scout's room.  Will is lying on his bed.  Finn knocks on the door.

FINN: Everything OK?

WILL: Oh yeh.  Evernthing's just dandy.

FINN: (hands him a piece of paper) Here.  This might make you feel a little dandier.

WILL: What is it?

FINN: An application for the Warren Stipend.  They award $1,000 to the most auspicious student writer on the East Coast.

WILL: and you're telling me this because

FINN: You know that essay you turned in last week.  The one on how you can never really know a person?

WILL: Yeh?

FINN: It's auspicious.  I would have told you about it sooner, but I usually only let upperclassmen apply.  I reread you essay this morning, however, and I think you might really have a shot.

WILL: Are you serious?

FINN: The thing is, the postmark deadline is today.  So, you've gota print out a clean copy of your paper, fill out this form and get the whole thing in the mail by 5:00. Capiche?

WILL: Capiche

Finn smiles and turns to go.

WILL (cont'd): Finn?  Thanks.

FINN: Five 0'clock Krudski.  Don't forget.

Finn leaves and Will frantically searches his room looking for something- a disk.  He realizes that it is..

WILL: Still in the computer.

BELLA: (O.S.) >What's still in the computer?

Bella is standing in the doorway

WILL: Nothing

BELLA: Listen, WillI really need your help and I was wondering if you could do something for me.

WILL: BellaI'm kina busy right now and

BELLA: I'm sorry, but you're the one person who can help me and I'm not gonna take no for an answer.

WILL: What is it? What's wrong?

BELLA: I'll tell you, but first let's get out of here before

Scout enters, wearing only  towel, straight out of the shower.

SCOUT: hey

BELLA: Hi!  You'reallwet.

SCOUT: Um. Yeh.  >What'ya doing here?

BELLA: I just came by to talk to Will about this thing he let me borrow that I left in someone else's room and we're gonna look for it.  Bye!

She grabs Will and they leave.

Cut to Jake rolling her bike along a wooded area.  Hamilton is carrying her backpack.  Ryder and his two friends approach, smoking cigarettes.

RYDER: I didn't know Batgirl had a sidekick.

HAMILTON: Puff away, Cancer Boy.

RYDER: You know, Ham.  The back seat of a bike?  It's called a bitch pad.

HAMILTON: Then I guess that's why your mother should be riding on it?

Ryder fakes a laugh and walks away.

Cut to the hall of Rawley as Will and Bella climb the stairs.

BELLA: she said she left it in some British guy's roomnamed Ryder.

WILL: Ryder?!  He's the biggest assbite at Rawley.  He's the guy that took my compuer.

BELLA: Great.  He's probably reading my deepest darkest secrets as we speak.

WILL: How'd you get yourself into this mess anyway?

BELLA: I don't know, how'd you get into the mess you're in?

WILL: I thought I had a winning hand.

BELLA: When are you gonna learn, Will.  In this town, we never do.

They move into Ryder's room.

BELLA: Hello?

They look around for their stuff, but hear a voice coming from the hallway.  He drops the stuff and pulls Bella towards the closet.

WILL: He's coming! 

BELLA: What the hell are you doing?

WILL: quickI

RYDER: (into cell phone) I told you I'm good for it, Joe.  I'm not the one to welch on my debts.  Look, I just cleaned out my ATM right now.  I'm counting the money as we speak.  Two thousand eight hundred, two thousand nine hundred, three thousand lovely little dollars heading your war.  Never mind I have no cash for this weekend's debauchery.Joe, don't get all "Goodfellas" on me Fine.  FINE! Yes, I understand.  By noon today

He turns off the phone, grabs the bag of money.  The picks up Will's laptop

RYDER: to the pawn shop with you.

He grabs the jacket from the bed and puts it on.

RYDER: Townie-slut outerwear.  Pawn this too.

He leaves, and Bella and Will come out of the closet.

BELLA: Great plan, Will.  We hide in the closet while that jerk insults my sister wearing my jacket and takes off with our stuff.

WILL: You would've preferred getting busted sneaking around in his room

BELLA: Alright.  Le'ts get outta here.  We gotta find that guy.

Will opens the door to the hall to find Scout standing there.

SCOUT: Maybe you should tell me what's going on.  Like, now.

Cut to Scout, Bella, and Will running down the hallway

WILL: He's probably headed for the pawn shop.

SCOUT: God.  I can't believe this, Bella.  Writing a letter to my father?

BELLA: Don't rub it in Scout!  Not here.  Not now!

WILL: Let's cut across the quad.

They exit the building and start to run.

SCOUT: Why don't you just tell Finn that Ryder has your computer and he'll get it back for you.

WILL: Tell Finn I lost my laptop gambling" That's a sure way to lose my scholarship.

SCOUT: Right.  (then to Bella) So, you weren't gonna tell me about the letter???

BELLA: If you hadn't barged in on my last night, we wouldn't be in this predicament

SCOUT: so, that's why you were being so weird

BELLA: I was being discreet

SCOUT: yeah, well, thanks to your discretion, a pretentious blabber-mouth is about to royally screw up our lives.

BELLA: God, Scout- I'm painfully aware of that

WILL: Could we please just focus?? Look, there he is!

He points across the quad to where Ryder is sitting on the grass, in class.

BELLA: OK, I'm getting my jacket and my letter back, now.

SCOUT: You're gonna go over there and cause a scene? Bad plan.  Technically, you're not even supposed to be on campus

WILL: Okay, relax.  He's not going anywhere.  So you guys hang here and keep an eye on our friend until he gets out of class.  I'm gonna go to Finn's office to see about getting my essay back.  Then we'll all have what we need, and we'll all be happy, right?

They both look at him, fuming

WILL: Or not

Will leaves Bella and Scout hiding in the bushes

Cut to Hamilton on a dock, as Jake comes out of the restroom dressed as a girl.  Hamilton whistles

JAKE: Oh, stop.

She heads towards her bike.

JAKE (cont'd): Slide down, handsome.

HAMILTON: I don't think so.

JAKE: But you don't know where we're going.

HAMILTON: The  I guess you'll have to guide me.  Hop on, baby.

Slightly put off, Jake climbs on

Cut to the hallway at Rawley.  Will comes up to Finn's office, but finds a note taped to the door that says:  "At a Seminar All Day.  Try me Tomorrow"

WILL: great

Cut to a small, classy restaurant.  Jake and Hamilton enter, kiss briefly, and approach the hostess.

JAKE: Hi.  Two please the name's Pratt.

The hostess leads them to a second-story dining room.  Hamilton pulls out Jake's chair for her.

JAKE: What are you doing?

HAMILTON: Being a gentleman.

Jake giggles and the two sit down.  They look at their menus.

HAMILTON (cont'd): You look, like, totally foxy.

JAKE: Foxy?

HAMILTON: Yeah, as in a compliment.  As in a thing a guy says to a lady.  Foxy lady.

Jake laughs

HAMILTON (cont'd): Why is that so funny?

JAKE: Hamilton.  It just is.  Is that a line you use on girls?

HAMILTON: No.  Actually it's a line I reserve for cross-dressing she-men.

She laughs, but it's forced- he's offended her.

Cut to the campus quad.  Bella and Scout are still watching Ryder.

BELLA: Ok.  I've give it some thought.  And I still haven't apologized for what's happening.  So I'm apologizing.  (no answer)  Well??

SCOUT: What would you like me to say?

BELLA: That you accept my apology.

SCOUT: I do.  I accept your apology.  But please understand, my dad's career could be ruined if any of this gets out I mean, Bella, if Ryder reads it, his first call's gonna be to the tabloids.

BELLA: All you care about is your father's precious seat in the Senate

SCOUT: Bella, think about this.  Do you love Charlie?

BELLA: yes.  Of course

SCOUT: Because I love my parents, to.  And we're both lucky for that.  And I don't know that it's worth it for either of us to risk losing what we have.

BELLA: But according to you, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I mean, it's the Calhoun clan.  And you've been on me for weeks to meet your father- I didn't want to until you pushed me into it

SCOUT: Okay.  That's true, Bella.  But if you could've felt what I felt when I told my dad-

BELLA: Told your dad what, Scout?

SCOUT: Um he knows, Bella.

BELLA: What?

SCOUT: He knows.  I told him.  At the Regatta

BELLA: you did.

SCOUT: I just didn't know how to tell you.

BELLA: you mean- he doesn't want to meet me right?

SCOUT: It's not that.  It's just he's concerned.

BELLA: concerned.

SCOUT: Well.  There've been rumors- false rumors- before.  And look, he doesn't want to go through any of that again.

BELLA: and neither do you.

SCOUT: Well, would you?  Want to go through that?  Don't you get it?  This isn't about politics.  This is about our lives.

BELLA: God, I can't believe- I mean, I was sitting here feeling bad- you lied to me, Scout.  I showed up that day- in that stupid dress God, I feel like such an idiot.  How could you do that to me?

SCOUT: Bella

She looks away and notices Ryder is gone.

BELLA: Oh great!

Cut to the patio, where Will runs into Ryder and his cronies.

WILL: Where are you taking my computer?

RYDER: Nowhere

WILL: I've got this paper in there.  Just let me get the disk and you can

RYDER: We've all got our needs, little Krudski.  So, off you go.

WILL: You know, your accent's really starting to piss me off.

RYDER: Why don't you go complain to the Dean?  I'm sure he'd love to heard what happened.  Lost your computer in a gambling bet?

Ryder and his cronies walk away.  Scout and Bella run up from the opposite direction

SCOUT: Will!

WILL: C'mon.  He's heading toward the parking lot.

The three run after him, calling his name, but he can't hear them through his headphones.  He unlocks the car, puts some stuff in the trunk, but then realizes he forgot something.  He locks the car again and goes back into the dorm.  Will, Bella, and Scout approach the car and try to open the trunk.

WILL: Just reach in and see if you can find the trunk release.

BELLA: Bad idea.

WILL: Why is it a bad idea?

SCOUT: Yeah.

Scout opens the door to pop the trunk and the car alarm goes off.

BELLA: That's why?

A security guard starts towards them.

SCOUT: Damn!  Now what're we supposed to do?

BELLA: Just pretend it's ours.

WILL: It'll be fine.  Can you hotwire it?

SCOUT: You can hotwire too?  What are you, some kinda

BELLA: Townie?  Yes.  Get in.

They all get into the car as Bella cuts two wires and touches them together, starting the engine and turning off the alarm.

The cop approaches the side of the car.

BELLA: Problems with the alarm.

And then the three tear out of the parking lot.

Cut to the Corvette squealling around a corner and pulling to a stop

BELLA: I just stole a Corvette, I just stole a Corvette, I just stole a Corvette

WILL: Just breathe Woman

SCOUT: We did not steal this car.  We are just borrowing it to recover the items which were more or less stolen from us.  Now lets get our stuff and ditch this thing before we go to jail for grand theft auto.

WILL: Pull the trunk release already!

BELLA: I am!  It's not working.  I must have cut the wires when I dismantled the alarm.

SCOUT: You break into the car, hotwire it, but can't open the trunk.

BELLA: I'm sorry my criminal skills aren't more well-rounded, Scout

WILL: We're gonna get caught if we stay here.  Can you fix this thing or not?

BELLA: Yes, but at the garage

Cut to Ryder coming out of a building at Rawley, finding his car gone, and looking at his watch- 12:15.

RYDER: Damn it Joe, not my car!

Cut to Jake and Hamilton at the restraunt

JAKE: I'm starved


JAKE: Look, I'm sorry I laughed at you.  You were just trying to be sweet.  I guess I'm a little... you know, it's just funny and kinda weird-- this whole date thing.

HAMILTON: It's not weird.  It's the way it should be.  And besides, it was your idea.

JAKE: I just meant-- it's like-- we don't know how to act.

HAMILTON: Yes we do.  (to waiter) Excuse me, we'd like to order.  The lady will have the salmon.

JAKE: The lady?

HAMILTON: Yes, that would be you.

JAKE: But I don't like salmon.

HAMILTON: OK.  Then why don't you order for both of us, Jake.

JAKE: Hey, I'm all up for being the girl here, but--

HAMILTON: Well, it seems you're a little out of practice.

JAKE: We'll both have the scallops.

HAMILTON: But I don't like--- fine.

Cut to Bella, Scout, and Will driving down the road.

SCOUT:...So, what exactly did you say in the letter, anyway?

BELLA: Scout, it's none of your business.

SCOUT: Whaddya mean, it's none of my business?

BELLA: You know, the way it was none of my business that you already told him.

SCOUT: C'mon.  I think I have a right to know what you were gonna say.

WILL: Ah, the joys of sibling rivalry.  For once, I'm glad to be an only child.

SCOUT: So, was it about me?  Or us?

BELLA: The letter had nothing to do with you.  And it's not important, so can we drop it?

SCOUT: How can you say it's not important?

BELLA: Very easily, actually.

WILL: Please guys, I have a deadline to meet that's becoming imminent.  Can we just drive and keep the chit-chat to a minimum?

BELLA: Oh my God.

Sirens and red lights come up behind them, and they pull over.

BELLA: Great.  Now we're all going to jail.

SCOUT: Let me handle this.  I have a way with authority figures, they tend to like me.

WILL: Yeh, well I have a way with the locals.  They tend not to think of me as a stuck up rich kid.

SCOUT: You're right, I'm sure the local authorities know exactly who you are.

WILL: What's that supposed to mean?

BELLA: Good afternoon, officer.

OFFICER: Well, Good afternoon.  (then) Bella.  Bella Banks.

BELLA: IN the flesh

OFFICER: Ben.  Whitmore.  I used to baby-sit for you like ten years ago.  But you probably don't remember me.

BELLA: Oh, yeah.  Right.  You know, you were my favorite. 

OFFICER: (flattered) Oh.  Thanks.  So, this your Corvette?

BELLA: No.  Some rich Rawley snob.  Put in a new transmission.  Just testing it out.  Was I doing anything wrong back there?

OFFICER: Oh, no, not you Bella.  But you two.  You should be wearing your seatbelts.  I oughtta write you a citation right now.  You get back to the gas station right away, OK?

BELLA: That's where we're heading.  It was really great seeing you again.

OFFICER: See you, Bella.

BELLA: Thanks for handling that for me, guys.

They take off, but then the car makes a funny noise and dies.

SCOUT: You were feeling kinda sassy for a minute there, weren't you?

BELLA: Yeah, well, we're all outta gas, you idiots...

Cut to the restraunt, where Jake and Hamilton are done eating and both reach for the check


JAKE: No, It's my treat.  This was my idea.

HAMILTON: I thought you were, we were, I mean...

JAKE: What, you're going to be the boy.  I'm goin to be the girl.  So, I'm supposed to let you pay the check?

HAMILTON: Well, yeah.

JAKE: Um.  OK.  Look, Hamilton.  I've never known how I'm supposed to act or what I'm supposed to do.  And I've never really thought about it.  So just because I'm wearing a dress, I should start now?

HAMILTON: No.. that's not what I'm saying...

JAKE: Am I supposed to let you pull out my chair and open doors and pay the check? Am I supposed to lauh at all your jokes?  Even the ones I think are lame?  And you'll drive and lead the way, and pick the topics of conversation.  you know, some of that seems sweet and old fashioned but a lot of it seems arcane and... not who I am.

HAMILTON: I don't think you know who you are?

Cut to Bella and Scout waiting in the woods by the side of the road.

SCOUT: You know... I realize this letter.. is a private personal thing to you.  It's just.  I feel like when we barely knew each other, you were more open with me.  Now when things are the way they are, when you should really be able to confide in me, you've closed me out completely.

BELLA: Just because we've found ourselves in this situation, doesn't give you the right to know everything about me...

SCOUT: Everything?  I don't know anything.  Since the day we found out, you've been putting up this brick wall...

BELLA: The reason it's not important, what I wrote in the letter?  It's because I was never gonna send it.

SCOUT: What?

BELLA: I wrote it for myself, Scout.  To get these feelings out, that have been-- God.  It doesn't matter.  The point is, I never intended to mail it to your father.  It was more like a private journal entry and it's nobody's business what it said, Okay?

SCOUT: You mean, we've been running around on this wild goose chase because you just had to have a Dear Diary moment?  God Bella, how could you do this?

BELLA: Now you know.

SCOUT: Now I know what?

BELLA: Why I never tell you anything?  Why I've closed you out.  It's because you say things like that.

WILL: I've got the gas, let's get this show on the road.

Cut to the three looking through the trunk at the gas station.  Will grabs his laptop.

WILL: Seems OK

BELLA: Well, I'm not.  The letter.  It's not here.

They riffle through the trunk and toss up the envelope of money.  Bills flutter down.

BELLA: Oh my god.

Cut to Will counting the money.

WILL: 2500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 3000.  So, Ryder blew $3000 at Joe's last night?

GRACE: It was not pretty.  And Ryder?  He thinks Joe took his car.  He doesn't know you guys took it.

BELLA: Grace, focus.  There was a letter in this jacket.  Where could it be?

GRACE: I don't know.  Maybe it fell out of the jacket when we were at Joe's.  I'm sure that's where it must be.

BELLA: Great.

WILL: And what are you doing hanging out with Ryder anyway, little sister?

GRACE: How do you think he got into Joe's?

SCOUT: Who is this Joe character?

WILL: A bookie.  He runs this underground casino in an abandoned house.

SCOUT: And you know him because?

WILL: We went to grade school together.  We used to be pretty good friends before he went all Soprano on me.

GRACE: Anyway, he's on his way oer here.


GRACE: Ryder.  He needs to find Joe.  And he needs me because I know where Joe lives.  He should be here any minute.

SCOUT: That's not good.

WILL:   Maybe it is.

Cut to Ryder pulling up in the passenger seat of an SUV

RYDER: Hello Luv.  Where's my little townie tour guide?

BELLA: With our father who's gonna personally kick your ass if you don't stay away from my little sister.

RYDER: Feisty.  Look, as much as I'd like to play "Taming of the Shrew" with you, I've got a little situation with one of your more colorful locals.

WILL: Yeah.  Heard about that.  You know, I'd be careful when it comes to Joe and that group.  I mean, I know the guy pretty well.

RYDER:  That's lovely.  Consorting with criminals.  The guy swiped my little red corvette.

WILL: Unlucky night?

RYDER: Something like that.

WILL: Like I said, I know the guy pretty well.  I could probably talk to him.  Maybe get him to give you back your car.

RYDER: You're serious?

WILL: Sure.  But it'll cost you.

RYDER: How much?

WILL: How about $500?

Cut to the dock where Jake emerges from the bathroom dressed as a boy again

JAKE: Uch.  My mother would die if she knew I used that bathroom.

HAMILTON: Or that you wear boxers.  And a corset.

JAKE: Yeh.  She already thinks I'm pretty strange.

HAMILTON: Well....

JAKE: Really?  Do you think I'm like a freak or something?

HAMILTON: No.  Not at all. 

JAKE: So.  Does that mean you still like me?

HAMILTON: Of course I still like you.  But I'm also, I don't know, confused.  About who you are.  About what we are.

JAKE: I'm just me, Hamilton.  I know I've been acting all this time, but when I'm with you, I am myself.

HAMILTON: Look, you're my best friend, Jake.  Sometimes you're my best guy friend when I'm with you at school-- and sometimes my girlfriend that I'm like totally in love with, and I don't know how to act either, and--

JAKE: --What did you say?

HAMILTON: I don't know how to act either--

JAKE: No. before that.

HAMILTON: Um.  The part about my best guy friend?

JAKE: No....

HAMILTON: Oh.  The part about... I love you.

JAKE: That would be the part.

HAMILTON: Well I do.

JAKE: Me too.  I mean.  Love.  You. Too.

They kiss sweetly.

HAMILTON: So, can I drive home?

JAKE: Not a chance.

Cut to the a residential street in New Rawley.  The Corvette pulls up, and Will goes up to a house.  An Italian teenager comes to the door, greets Will, and they go inside. 

SCOUT: Bella, what I said before...

BELLA: You were right.  It was pointless to write it all down.  Not to mention selfish and--

SCOUT: Honest

BELLA: What?

SCOUT: Even if it as just for you.  You were being honest about your feelings.  And I think that is important.  That one of us was.

BELLA: "Dear Senator Calhoun.  It's almost impossible to know where to start.  My name is Bella Banks.  I'm 16 years old.  I live in New Rawley, I go to Edmond High.  And I'm your daughter.  All my life I've wondered about you.  Who you are.  The color of your eyes.  Your hair.  Your voice.  Are you tall?  Do your hands look like mine?  And then, the other day, there you were.  You drove into our gas station in New Rawley.  And I spoke to you.  It all happened so fast.  I couldn't find the words to say hello.  I want you to know that I've have a good life.  The man who raised me is strong and loving.  He has taken care of me since my mother left ten years ago.  I guess I'm writing you this letter because I want you to know that I exist.  So take from it what you will.  All I hope is that some day you'll wonder about me too.  Love, Bella"     It went something like that

SCOUT: And you remembered it?

BELLA: Been writing it my whole life.  In my head, anyway.  I just put it on paper cuz I thought I finally had someone to address it to.

SCOUT: You still do.

BELLA: No, I don't  Because I'm never gonna send it.  I meant what I said in the letter.  I love my life, Scout.  And I don't want to do anything that's gonna change it.  Promise me you won't talk to him about it again.

SCOUT: Bella....

BELLA: Promise me.

SCOUT: I promise.  Look, I kinda acted like a complete jerk about this whole thing.  I mean, all I could think about was how my life might be compromised.  Believe it or not, I bet my dad would be disappointed in me.

BELLA: Guess we knocked down a few bricks, huh?

Will comes walking across the street, leans against the car, and pulls the letter out of his pocket.

BELLA: Yes!  Will, Thank you! 

She rips up the letter

WILL: What're you doing?

BELLA: I kinda have it memorized.

Cut to the New Rawley Parking lot.

WILL: I can't believe we pulled this off.  OK.  I've gotta get to the dorm, print my essay, and... Oh my God.  The deadline.  The post office closed like a half hour ago.

SCOUT: Well, where's the closest one that's open?

BELLA: Probably in Carson

WILL: Which is like 40 miles from here.  We'll never make it in time.

RYDER: Oh?  What's this?  Daisy and the Dukes.  I must admit, I'm impressed Krudski.  Thanks, man, I owe you one.

WILL: Um, yeah.  You do.

Cut to the three reiding down the road in the Corvette again, past a sign for Carson.

Cut to the interior of Friendly's, where the three are eating.

WILL: So, not only did Ryder thank us for getting back a car which we actually stole, but the he let us borrow it.

SCOUT: Here's to outsmarting evil upper classmen.

WILL: Here's to sweet-talking a cop while you're in a stolen Corvette

BELLA: And retrieving a letter that would have been a time bomb had it been read.

WILL: We rule. OK, so I got one.  Jennifer Lopez or Salma Hayek?

SCOUT: Ooh. Gotta go with Salma.

WILL: I don't know.  I mean, "Out of Sight"?

SCOUT: Dude, all I'm saying is "From Dusk till Dawn."

BELLA: I don't think either of you are gonna ever have to worry about it.

Hamilton and Jake come in


WILL: Hey, have a seat guys.

SCOUT: some more Rawley guys-- the nice kind.  Hamilton and Jake.

JAKE: Cute coat.

They all look at her funny.

BELLA: Uh, thanks.

HAMILTON: So, what's happening?

WILL: Nothing.  What's going on?

HAMILTON: Not much.

JAKE: Ditto

SCOUT: Same old, same old.

BELLA: Yeah.  Pretty much covers it.

EVERYONE: What??  Nothing.

They all laugh and the camera pulls back on them talking and eating.