Comfort Food

<--   2 December 2008

This is episode 17 of Pushing Daisies. The "Muffin Buffalo" lady appears in this episode as a cross-over between the two shows.

Pushing Daisies, 'Comfort Food' Olive is assisting Ned at the Papen County Comfort Food Cook-Off, competing against Marianne Marie, Oliveís arch-nemesis (of Cook-Offs). Vivian decides to aid Olive in her desire for the pie maker with a few very subtle comments about Oliveís loveableness. In the search for the Colonelís killer, Ned and Olive discover the Waffle Naziís connection to chicken plus manage to get the Pie Hole disqualified from the bake off for sabatoge.

Meanwhile, to uncover the identity of a new man in Lilyís life, Ned agrees to undead Chuckís Dad and spend 30 seconds asking questions, then gives Chuck 30 seconds to talk with him. As Chuckís 30 seconds come to an end, she realizes that she canít let her Dad go and devises a way to trick Ned into thinking he was re-dead. Now, wracked with guilt over the inevitable consequences of her decision, and unable to tell Ned, Chuck goes to Emerson for help in discovering who died so her father could live again.

Guest Cast: Josh Randall as Charles Charles, Tim Bagley as Colonel Likkin, Patrick Fischler as The Waffle Nazi, Beth Grant as Marianne Marie Beetle, Eric Stonestreet as Leo Burns, Daeg F. Faerch as Ingmar Todd, Hugh Holub as Judge, Nicholas Khayyat as Eugene, and Joleen Lutz as The Widow Likkin

Written by: Douglas Petrie   ∑   Directed by: Peter Lauer

Overnight Ratings: - / - in households   ∑   4.91 million viewers   ∑   1.5 / 4 among adults 18-49   ∑   1.4 / 4 among adults 18-34

Final Ratings: 3.2 / 5 in households   ∑   4.87 million viewers   ∑   1.6 / 4 among adults 18-49