Pink Flamingos

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Wonderfalls, 'Pink Flamingos' When Jaye attends a high school reunion, inanimate objects urge her to destroy a former classmate; Jaye accidentally runs over her father.

Jaye reminds Dad that the restaurant they're going to stops serving breakfast at eleven o'clock. Dad climbs into the car with a stack of mail, which includes an announcement for Jaye's six-and-a-half year high school reunion. As Dad puts the car in reverse, he notices garbage cans blocking the driveway. He gets out of the car to move them. As Dad's moving the cans, some plastic lawn flamingos talk to Jaye, telling her, "get off your ass." She reaches over to shut the driver's side door, so she won't have to hear them. She accidentally hits the emergency brake...and the car runs over Dad.

Mom, Jaye and Sharon visit Dad in the hospital. Jaye is guilt-stricken. Later, as Sharon makes her way to the parking lot, she hears a car horn, and realizes it's Beth. Sharon tells her Dad only suffered a broken leg. Sharon sees Mom approaching, and tells Beth to drive away. But Beth doesn't react quickly enough. Jaye happens by and, seeking to diffuse the potentially embarrassing situation, tells Mom that Sharon and Beth carpool together.

When Jaye returns to work, Gretchen Speck, her old high school classmate, happens by. Gretchen explains that she needs help with the school reunion, and tries to enlist Jaye's help. Jaye isn't interested, and neither is Mahandra. Gretchen reveals that the reunion is being held at the bar where Mahandra and Eric work. Jaye borrows Eric's cell phone to check on Dad, who's busy playing poker with some fellow doctors. Dad tells her that he's already arranged for Sharon to pick him up when he's discharged. Gretchen eventually gives up on Jaye and says she'll do the work herself. But when a stuffed bass says, "get off your ass," Jaye tells Gretchen she's had a change of heart, and will help with the reunion after all.

Mahandra reacts with shock when she learns that Jaye's helping Gretchen. She looks at her old yearbook photo: her eyes are red and her hair is completely out of control. Mahandra remembers that the photo was taken the same week Gretchen put activator in her shampoo. Mahandra decides to attend the shindig--as she's bent on revenge. Meanwhile, Sharon drives Dad home from the hospital, and reacts with surprise when she finds Mom waiting. When Dad assures Mom he'll be fine without her, Mom decides to attend a function that night. Before she leaves, Mom tells Sharon to check on her father's foot every 45 minutes to make sure it's not turning blue. She then heads out the door. Sharon gives it some thought...and after tranquilizing her father with the drug Percocet, invites Beth over to the house.

When Jaye and Mahandra show up at the bar, Gretchen tells them they're invited to a pre-party bash at the hotel where she's staying. Jaye and Mahandra reluctantly accept the offer, and when they show up at the hotel, they realize they're the only invited guests--with the exception of Mom, who attended the school prom as chaperone, and was also told to come. Gretchen pulls out a photo album and starts showing the threesome pictures of her husband, Robert. Gretchen converted to Judaism before she married him. A short time later, Robert phones the hotel and tells Gretchen he's not coming. Gretchen runs to the bathroom, crying. Despite her better instincts, Jaye begins to feel sorry for Gretchen. She enters the bathroom and cheers Gretchen up. Gretchen then removes a ceramic rooster hairpin from a jewelry box and asks Jaye to fasten it to her hair (the high school's mascot is a rooster). Suddenly, the rooster squawks, "destroy Gretchen."

As the reunion gets underway at the bar, Jaye tells Mahandra she'll help her destroy Gretchen. Meanwhile, Chuck, a cute guy in a Marine uniform, enters the bar. He's nervous, and when he spots Gretchen, tries to get close to her. Later, Jaye strikes up a conversation with Eric, who tells her about his ability to correctly guess the amount of letters in any word. Jaye tells him that when she borrowed his cell phone earlier, she answered a call from his bitchy wife and said something nasty to her. Eric is instantly smitten with Jaye. Later, Jaye tells Eric that although her mission is to destroy Gretchen, in her heart-of-hearts, she wants to help her. Eric encourages her to follow her heart. Jaye takes his advice, borrows Gretchen's cell phone, and places a call to Robert. But it turns out that Robert has already changed his mind and is driving to the bar to attend the reunion. Jaye temporarily distracts Robert, causing him to lose control of his car and crash.

Jaye tells Eric she thinks she may have inadvertently killed a man in her quest to help Gretchen. She decides to throw in the towel and stop fighting fate. She asks Eric to make her a "foofy" drink. She then walks up to Gretchen--who's on a stage handing out awards to her classmates--and tosses it on her. An embarrassed Gretchen runs to the bathroom. Suddenly, Chuck appears...and professes his love for her. After conversing with love-struck Chuck for several minutes, Gretchen concludes he's crazy and pulls out some mace. Meanwhile, as Sharon and Beth make out in the living room, Beth mentions that she's had sex with men. Moments later, Dad happens by, still dazed by the Percocet. He doesn't notice a thing.

Gretchen uses the public address system at the bar to ask Jaye to step forward. As Jaye approaches, Gretchen tells everyone that she's learned something: she's bigger than Jaye, and always has been. And she's decided to leave her husband but keep the ring. Meanwhile, Robert falls head-over-heals for the beautiful tow truck driver who shows up at the accident scene.

Dad goes to the hospital for a follow-up exam. When he's finished, Jaye picks him up in her car. Dad tells Jaye he's a lucky man, because doctors detected a blood clot in his leg that could have killed him. He lets Jaye drive him to a restaurant, making Jaye feel less guilty about the accident.

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Guest Cast: Sandra Caldwell (Muse), Mark Andrada (Volunteer), Gerry Fiorini (Pizza Delivery Guy), Sarah Armenia (Tow Truck Driver), Zoe Mugford (Cindy), Marcia Johnson (Nurse), Michael Buie (Chuck), Noah Klar (Robert), Chelan Simmons (Gretchen), Kari Matchett (Beth), Jeffrey R. Smith (Muse), Neil Grayston (Alec)

Written by: Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts   ·   Directed by: Todd Holland

Final Ratings: 1.1 / - in households   ·   2.93 million viewers   ·   - / - among adults 18-49

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